Subscribed to The New York Times

While you can read any articles on The New York Times for free, you can only do so on a number of articles per month. This restriction is imposed to those who do not subscribe to The New York Times. I recently subscribed to The New York Times digital subscription with smartphone app access. The... Continue Reading →

The Goldfinch

I am almost half way through this novel. Very well written so far. It’s as if, the author gave a lot of thought in every sentence that she wrote in this book. Every word, handpicked to best describe something in perfect detail. Even the pacing is excellent. The dialogue, well crafted with believable characters. I need... Continue Reading →

A new journaling app

    One Day app, a new journaling app was up for sale on the Apple app store. I knew about the app and all the rave reviews it has received over the years. Now I  have the chance to try it out and I am quite impressed by the simplicity of it all. You... Continue Reading →


After my IPPT, which was 2 months ago, I have started to find it difficult to keep up with my exercise regime. I can barely complete my 3 times a week running routine and for the past month or so, I am a day short a week on my commitments. This is not a good... Continue Reading →

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