Running and exercising, one and half years in…

I have never stopped running. Three times a week, or every other day, weather and health permitting, I will run at least 5km. I have been doing static exercise routines more intensely as well. Using the gym ball and the weights that I bought 6 months back, I am leaner, fitter and look much better in front of the mirror when I first started. I can see my abs, and biceps are starting to show those veins that look really sexy. My goal isn’t to bulk up and gain weight through increasing muscle mass, but simply to look and feel good. So long as I maintain my lean figure, keep my love handles in check and feel great throughout the day, everyday, that is more than enough for me.

Diet also plays a major part to my routine. Though I don’t scrutinize every calorie that I take in every day, I am mindful of what I eat. Too much fat? Compensate with more juice and vegetables the next day. Too much carbohydrate? Run longer. Having lots of proteins? Increase my workout routine. I don’t gym. I know it would great help me look fitter and better looking at a fraction of the time it takes me to do it on my own. But still, the outdoors are free for you to do your own workout. And that, in my opinion is the most natural way to keep fit. That 200 dollar running shoe that I bought? Best investment this year so far. Running is no a joy, no longer a pain.

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