My first time attending a stand up comedy performance

Jeff Dunham was the first stand up comedian performance that I ever attended in my entire life. And it was truly a night to remember. He doesn’t disappoint when dishing out jokes and one liners with his puppets with an added local flavour. All those funny videos you see with him and Achmed was what I expected out from him as I watch him on stage live, in front of me doing his act. For 2 hours, he went non stop, keeping us laughing and entertained throughout the show.


At $128, my seat was on the second floor, or Circle One. It was the second most expensive ticket and even then I had the upper level seats. But fortunately, it was right in front and although some distance away from the stage, I had an uninterrupted view of the stage and him with his puppets. A large projector screen was behind him for a magnified view of what was happening on stage and it was a relief to be able to see him clearly on both the stage itself and the screen.


His famous puppets, Walter, Achmed, Jalapeño on a stick and a smaller version of himself were all there to name a few and all of them were fantastic. Full of life and character, each of them really wowed the crowd. But the highlight of the show was definitely Achmed The Terrorist. The crowd went crazy when he finally appeared and gave his characteristic greetings to the Singaporean audience; “Greetings Singapore!!” Just like the videos on youtube, it was a real treat to finally be able to see him on stage live! Can you believe it? I am actually ecstatic about a puppet appearing on stage, and it wasn’t even a real person! (other than the fact that Jeff was obviously controlling him and giving him a voice.


Singapore was one of the final 2 stops he made in his global tour, and it has been a real treat to be able to have this chance to see his show. I am truly glad that he made Singapore one of his world tour stop and as expected he performed in front of a sold out crowd. A full house, 5000 strong audience at the Star Theatre at Bunoa Vista. That night would mark as the night I would never forget.


So what’s next? I have bought tickets to the Lord of The Rings, The Two Towers Symphony Orchestra performance that will be held next month at the same venue. it will on a Saturday afternoon and I am going with a friend this time. It is a cheaper ticket but at around the same spot where I sat during the Jeff Dunham Show. I am starting to like the Star Theatre. It looks really majestic and it is the ideal location for performances like these.


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