Buy experiences not stuff

I am beginning to realise that the stuff ¬†you buy will eventually break, tear, discarded. The fleeting happiness of owning new stuff may feel good, but it is ultimately short lived. I have also come to realise that it feeds this negative feedback loop of wanting to buy even more stuff just keep one happy.... Continue Reading →

Broken Age impressions

  My short and quick impressions of Broken Age. An expanded post will be added later. Upside Artistic. Imaginative world. Great voice acting by some of the biggest voice actors and actresses. (Elijah Wood, Will Wheaton, Jack Black etc) Quirky storyline with engaging dialogue. Very childish at times to the point it almost sounded as... Continue Reading →

Gel Kayano 20

It's finally here! Got it from Amazon and arrived in good condition and in the right size!. Im going to give it a test run later in the evening and see how it goes. So far, trying it out and walking around my house, the cushion is unbelievable!

What’s been happening?

It's been a while since I last updated. Lots of things happening and I hate to say it, I haven't had much time writing my blog about it. But I think not being inspired to write is closer to the truth. For starters, I got my nexus 7 table which I recently wrote about and... Continue Reading →

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