Housewarming gift

Housewarming gift.

So a friend of mine just moved house and invited us over to her place for a housewarming event. A number of our friends are coming over as well and I have been fretting over what to give as a housewarming gift. I really did not know what to get or what she needed for her new house. So I then resorted to Pinterest and did a simple search on housewarming gift ideas. The results certainly didn’t disappoint. There were hundreds of wonderful ideas that people have posted and some of the DIY gift ideas for housewarming events were simply spectacular. One idea, in a form of combining little items into a neat little housewarming gift basket was particularly meaningful. Each item in the basket has a profound meaning to it and generally it symbolises good health and well being for her and her family in their new house. The following are a list of items in the basket that convey those meanings.

  • A bottle of wine ~$20 (So that the family will never go thirsty)
  • A loaf of bread – can get at prima deli bakery ~10 (so that the family will never go hungry)
  • A yankee scented candle ~10 (so as to light the way through the darkest of times)
  • A small bottle of honey ~5  (so as to have many sweet memories as a family)
  • Salt or Sea Salt ~2 (so as to spice up your life)
  • Basket ~ 10
  • Tea Towel ~ 4

As you can see, each item ensures that the family doesn’t go hungry, thirsty, lose their way, or bring any form of unhappiness down the road in their new home. I think this DIY housewarming gift idea is fantastic and easy to make. The items are easy to procure as well and doesn’t cost much if the price of the gift is splitting 5 ways eventually. I am excited to start buying some of the items and putting them in a basket, decorating them with nice little tea towels and ribbons. I have to do it quick because the housewarming is in a weeks time and I need to ensure that I have all the things prepared by that day.

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