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Sonos looks to be a very good candidate to replace my ageing speakers in my room. While my current desktop speakers, the Aego M is still going strong, I have been picking up the pace in scouting for a good pair of speakers to replace it, hopefully a better sounding one. Aego M is excellent. It is considered an audiophile grade speakers for the masses and it is perfect for small rooms. And it is for that fact that it is very hard to find a replacement that could exceed the bar set by Aego M and the price to match it. There are a few potential replacements, but none are quite ideal when it comes to the price point or the technical specifications that I am looking for.
One such potential replacement is the Sonos wireless speaker system. Aimed to be the next gen wireless speaker system set up, it offers users full flexibility in setting up the speakers in your room and the entire house. It’s wireless transfer technology allows you to stream audio to all the speakers in your home, giving you a full house audio experience. For me, using just the speakers for my room, is also a viable option. Simply get a pair of Sonos 3 to get a full stereo experience. However, it’s lack of a dedicated bass makes it reluctant to invest in Sonos 3. Until I can hear the quality of the sound coming out of Sonos 3 without a dedicated bass, I cannot make any decisions on whether this would be a good investment. Furthermore, the speakers are pricey. At almost $400 a piece, getting a pair will get you back $800. And that is just for a pair of stereo speakers without a dedicated bass!
Clearly, the Sonos speakers are meant for people who want to have a speaker in every room in their house, taking advantage of the wireless capability. So to buy a pair of em just to place them beside my computer is a little bit of an overkill in terms of price.
There are others out there, but the unfortunate thing is that I haven’t had the chance to personally listen to the quality of the speakers yet. Selecting the best speakers to your needs is very challenging. It requires careful listening and you can never trust the reviews. You simply have to listen for yourself. Then, deciding based on budget, quality and purpose, you choose the most ideal one. Researching things like speakers takes time, and it is a research that I am starting now. Hopefully by then I would have acquired a new set of speakers before my current one gives way.

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