Pre-ordered my Playstation 4

  Singaporean gamers will not be getting their hands on the those shiny new black consoles till the 19th of December. That's right, I am talking about the Playstation 4. Released in NA last week to resounding sales figures, Sony will soon launch its console in the European market in less than a week from... Continue Reading →

Shisha and it was the best

I don't shisha often. It's expensive to do it in Singapore. I tried once many years ago. I perfected the art of Shisha while I was in Tunisia, smoking it off almost everyday whilst I was there. Last week I got the opportunity to shisha again with some of my friends and it was gooood.... Continue Reading →

iPhone, an integral part of my life

Ever since I bought the iPhone 5S, I have been using more apps and on a more frequent basis than ever before. The latest iPhone is snappy. It's fast and the new revamp user interfaces on a variety of apps that I currently use is so much cleaner, and simpler to use. Now, using various... Continue Reading →

Walking on a one-way street

To him, we are just friends. To me, it means so much more than that. I am always behind, looking at his back. Chasing after him, knowing that I will never reach for his shoulders. For he will never turn back. As he runs, I am behind him constantly. What if he disappears right in... Continue Reading →

2013 in a nutshell

I know its still 2 months before we can officially end 2013. But looking back, 2013 has brought about tremendous change in my life. So many milestones were achieved during the first 10 months of 2013 alone. The changes, drastic, the transformation never-ending. Full of ups and downs, but remarkably, I've still kept most of... Continue Reading →

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