Joining Toastmasters

It's been two months and I am still jobless, after having recently graduated with a degree. It's hard when interviews don't come often and you don't make the cut from that precious few interviews that you have went. Yesterday I saw a banner posted up along the streets near Chong Pang Community Club, on Toastmasters.... Continue Reading →

My 26th Birthday

My 26th birthday celebration was the most memorable in my entire life. I feel truly blessed. Blessed that I get to celebrate with some of my best friends. Who would have thought that coming down all the way to Palawan Beach at Sentosa to play beach games under the scorching sun, and then heading to... Continue Reading →

My take on the iPhone 5S, TouchID and iOS 7

On the 18th of September, Singtel opened the floodgates, by allowing Sngtel mobile subscribers who registered their interest on the new iPhone 5S to reserve their phone for collection. The website for reservation was up at precisely 4pm. At 4.04, the gold iPhone 5S was sold out. 4 minutes. That was all it took to... Continue Reading →

Booked my iPhone 5s

I am a Singtel mobile subscriber. So when Singtel opened the floodgates to register for you interest in getting your hands on the new iPhone 5s, I pounced on the opportunity in the hopes that I would get one. But it is not that I need one. Rather, it was my mum that needed my... Continue Reading →

Starbucks card and more

A card with a prepaid value in which you can top it after you use it. You can use it to buy anything from Starbucks. I've been meaning to get that card for a long time. Now with an iPhone app, you can tag your Starbucks account to the card and keep track of the... Continue Reading →

Treating fungi infection

I've had it for a long time, but never really gave much thought about it. It happened on my back. A small spot on my upper left back, near the shoulder blades. And I think, over time, that spot grew and created a different spot on my lower left back. Now I had two major... Continue Reading →

Brand new battery for my Macbook Air

After 3 days of servicing, I finally collected my Macbook Air, with a new battery inside. Last week, I sent it for servicing, after my battery capacity dropped drastically to around 60%. The "Service Battery" indicator was turned on as well, reminding me to send the Macbook Air for servicing. Now it feels like I... Continue Reading →

Servicing my MacBook Air

I sent my MacBook air earlier today. I need the batteries changed because the batteries service indicator came out and it has been for a while now. So before it does any lasting damage to the other components within the hardware, I decided to sent it for servicing and replace the faulty batteries. It costed... Continue Reading →

The Name of Wind

Having completed my second read through of this amazing novel by Patrick Rothfuss, I am still at awed by the way it is written. Beautiful, engaging and the characters filled within the pages are believable and as real as it gets. I am so emotionally attached to the characters in the book, that I will... Continue Reading →

The Five Dollar Savings plan

I read this wonderful savings plan from someone else's blog, called the 'Five Dollar Savings Plan". It's a simple activity that anyone can do. Basically, you commit to yourself that every time you encounter a five dollar bank note in your day to day cash transactions, you keep it and refrain from using it to... Continue Reading →

Travel plans

So  I haven't got a job yet. It is going to take a while till I land a job, but I am optimistic that it will come soon. I just have to keep on searching. I was chilling with my friends when one of them broached the subject of travelling plans in the coming months... Continue Reading →

To be content and not compare

Sometimes I need a reminder. And that is to be content and not compare. To live and enjoy the moment, rather than be blinded how I reached my destination in the first place. To live life as if every day is a special day, a gift given to us, to cherish it, to laugh and... Continue Reading →

John and Dale

Once upon a time, there was John. He was a freshmen in college and has been waiting for a long time to start a new chapter in his life. He knew that it would be an exciting one. Four years of making friends, forging memories and making history. Life was full of possibilities. His only... Continue Reading →

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