Joining Toastmasters

It’s been two months and I am still jobless, after having recently graduated with a degree. It’s hard when interviews don’t come often and you don’t make the cut from that precious few interviews that you have went.

Yesterday I saw a banner posted up along the streets near Chong Pang Community Club, on Toastmasters. It was then I decided to give the person in charge a call, and he politely told me to come down to one of their sessions to see how the Toastmaster session would be held. It is held on the second sunday of every month. And the next session is sometime in in the middle of October. I will be heading down to see how it goes and most probably join as a member and maybe would help me improve my speaking, communication and leadership skills along the way. I think it is a great skill to have, to communicate effectively and clearly. I have attended some of these Toastmasters sessions before as an intern at A*STAR. I find it fascinating, especially those who are already experts at speaking and public speaking. I hope to learn from them and acquire some of their skills. I believe it is an important skill to have at work and in your future long term careers. Besides, other than rotting at home, at least I have something to do along and look forward to.

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