Sumatra is my new favourite single-origin coffee from Starbucks

Previously, I wrote about how I started to enjoy my manual filtered coffee every morning by using the Hario V60 dripper. I really love the flavor of the coffee using this method. Coupled with Starbucks Verona Blend ground coffee, I have the perfect cup of coffee hand-brewed every morning.

Recently however, I have started exploring other blends and single-origin coffee from Starbucks and from other coffee houses. After trying various types, it seems that I enjoyed dark roasted coffee beans a lot. One in particular is Starbucks’s Sumatra single-origin coffee. It has a very similar taste profile as Verona, except that Sumatra is more earthy, while Verona, a blend is more chocolatey and has a caramel-sweet flavor profile. Still, Sumatra is full of flavor, rich and robust. I love it. This is (so far) my favourite single-origin coffee. I will still choose Verona on most days, but if I want something more exotic, I will go for Sumatra.

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