Harman Kardon Citation Multibeam 700 soundbar first impressions

Yesterday I went to Courts to ‘look see look see’ when I stumbled upon the latest soundbar from Harman Kardon, the Citation Multibeam 700.

Previously I tested (in-store) a similar but older model from Harman Kardon, the Harman Kardon Citation Bar. It’s a longer soundbar that also sounded impressive while I was testing it. It sounded even more impressive with a subwoofer addon.

The Multibeam 700 is a somewhat spiritual successor to the original Citation Bar. It is released perhaps to streamline and strengthen the design philosophy behind the Citation series of speakers. The Multibeam 700 is shorter than the older model, but more powerful in itself. So much so, that it really packs a punch all by itself without the added subwoofer. The Multibeam 700 is perfect for small and medium sized living rooms.

The bass that generates out of this soundbar is solid and precise. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the clarity of the mids and highs in spite of the bass that was coming out of the soundbar at the same time. Truly, the Multibeam 700 reminded me as to how far soundbar have come when it comes to sound quality. What I like about the Multibeam 700 is how well it can hold itself up without any additional subwoofer. In fact, I’d dare say that the newer model sounded even better than the Citation Bar on its own. Without the subwoofer, the Multibeam 700 not only sounds great, but also looks great in any TV set up. Clean and without added cables or other large addons like a subwoofer that sometimes makes it hard to hide if you want to achieve a minimalistic look in your living room.

I bought it a slight discount, S$100 less in fact, so it was S$799 instead of S$899. I thought it was a nice discount so I pulled the trigger, bought it, and carried it home. And considering that I received my annual bonus last month, I thought to myself, I might as well buy something nice to improve the living room. And the soundbar was the top item that came to my mind.

So far, the soundbar is performing great. I am enjoying my Netflix shows and movies even more now with a better sounding soundbar.

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