The Dunhill Belgrave collection leather backpack.

I did it. I freaking did it. After weeks of deliberation, carefully weighing the pros and cons in purchasing a S$2500 leather backpack, triple checking my annual finances and savings goals for 2020, I finally pulled the trigger.

The leather backpack from Dunhill’s Belgrave collection.

Yes, I have officially bought my most expensive backpack yet. The Dunhill Belgrave collection leather backpack.

When I first saw this backpack, it took me a while to get warmed up to it, especially the idea that this backpack cost more than S$2500. Aside from that, this is one of the very few all-leather backpacks that stood out from the rest of I saw from other luxury brands. It took me weeks of careful research and intensive browsing online to see what other brands have on offer. But none really stood out except for this Dunhill backpack. It is simply designed, with no nonsense patterns or loud branding or even frivolous pockets outside the bag to make it more functional at the expense of design. It has the Dunhill brand on the metal push lock, but that’s about it as far as branding goes.

So simple, yet so sophisticated in design.

It was only until I saw the bag and felt the leather that I started to get warmed up to the design and quality of the leather used to make the backpack. When I returned home, I explored further and studied the bag’s design in detail, upon which I realised that the more I looked at it, the more it was calling me out. I was immediately attracted to the backpack. I had the same feeling when I saw the Coach Metropolitan briefcase on the Coach’s website. And I have been using that bag every since I bought it while vacationing in New York last April. Soon, it will be one year since I first started using the briefcase and I love every moment of it. The leather is soft and supple and it still looks just as new when I first bought this. I mentioned before that using a full leather briefcase for the first time made me realise how tough good quality leather can be and how it can potentially serve you for years to come with proper care. I have no doubt that the Dunhill backpack will serve me for years and years to come.

So on Sunday I decided to head to the Dunhill store at Orchard Road (the one and only in Singapore) to check out the bag one more time. As usual, I was the only customer (it has been quiet at Orchard due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak ravaging parts of China) when I entered the store. I requested to have a look at the bag again. I studied the stitching, the overall workmanship and took note of the quality of the leather. At that moment I was 80% sure of getting it. After trying it on and looking at myself in mirror with the bag on my back, I was sold. The size is just perfect, the shape and design, looks extremely sophisticated without being too loud. The Dunhill logo, small, subtle, but for the discerning few, will appreciate that this bag is by Dunhill, a luxury brand from London, with a rich heritage of making luxurious leather products and bespoke men’s suits.

I did not buy the bag just because it was from Dunhill. Before coming across this bag, I had very little knowledge of what the brand is all about. I had absolutely no clue as to the history of the brand. Dunhill was never in my radar when it comes to appreciating luxury goods design. The design of the bag, could have come from anywhere, Ferragamo, Hugo Boss, Prada, LV, it doesn’t matter. It’s the design I was attracted to. And it just so happens that this bag by Dunhill really caught my attention as a slightly more casual backpack for work.

I think this bag will really compliment my current Coach Metropolitan Briefcase. I will now have the choice of weather to carry my things by hand in a briefcase or on my back using the backpack. And I see myself using this bag for many years to come so long as I am employed.

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