Davidoff Champion


I have been using the men’s fragrance by Davidoff, Champion which was released in 2010 for about a year now. I am now in my second bottle and I still loved it a lot. It smells great, leaving you fresh and invigorated especially after you apply after a good shower and are about to meet people outside. I never figured out the actual ingredients and the resulting combination of fragrances that gives Davidoff this unique scent until now. Before then, I only managed to come up with an educated guess. My guess was that it has a citrus element to the fragrance, with none of the floral ones you get from women’s fragrances. It has a slightly sweet, woody scent, probably from a some fragrant wood. It is not overpowering and obvious, rather a subtle scent especially after wearing it on for a couple of hours. Nothing outstanding, but it is there if one is observant in the scent around the wearer.

So for the full reveal of the ingredients used to make Davidoff Champion:

Zestful bergamot and lemon creates the invigorating start.

The heart gains ground with galbanum essence and aromatic clary sage.

Davidoff Champion is completed in its dry down by the masculine cedarwood all the while keeping a durable oak moss allure.

So I was kinda right after all. It has a citrus element to the scent. The sage is probably what’s keeping the fragrance subtle, without being too overpowering, since natural herbs tend to do that. And of course, cedarwood, to add to the finishing touches to give Davidoff Champion that trademark scent.

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