Random Musings and state of health.

Something was wrong with me last week. Suddenly for some unknown reason, i hadnt been eating well. I thought that i was getting real sick, and i just lost my appetite. I cant seem to eat at least half of the meal presented, be it breakfast, lunch of dinner. I still cant explain why though. I think i lost weight as well. No matter what food i eat, it just doesnt look appetizing during that time. But im ok now, my appetite is getting back up to full force. I gorged on lots of “pasar malam” snacks and just recently Old Chang Kee goodies. Yesterday however, i tasted the best yam puffs. Yes its yam puffs. You know of sardine curry puffs, potato curry puffs. The curry puffs sold at Takashimaya, particularly the yam fillings were the best. Crispy and flaky skin, with not too sweet but generous filling of yam paste, i regretted that i only bought 1 that day. I should have tried their original puffs and maybe their durian puffs. Yeah, im heading town tomorrow, im going to have more of those. YUM YUM!! OMG!

Besides im kinda pissed at Live Earth. Not because there wasnt a venue set up in Singapore, or all those environmental controversies and hypocrisy floating on the net regarding the concert. Its rather, why oh why does it have to hold it in Makuhari Messe, AFTER my holiday trip to Tokyo. Wanna know why im pissed? Well that’s because Apa Hotel, the Hotel i was staying was just right beside it! If i had gone for my holiday alot later, i might have just catch the whole atmosphere of the Live Earth event. But im glad though, that i at least have been to that place and get to know the surrounding areas, getting there and the close distance to Tokyo Disneyland. So whats my verdict on that place. I love it. Though getting to Tokyo via train might be a little bit of a chore, since its quite a distance away, but the place is really nice and neat. It doesnt feel suburban, since there were lots of towering buildings, making it feel like a commercial district by its own.

That hotel which is stayed, was really nice. The building design and architecture, makes it really distinguishable, as this was one of the highest structures around. If im not wrong its a four star hotel.

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  1. did you take pictures of the hotel rooms you stayed in??? (:

    that would have been nice! or like, the interiors of the hotel… the grand lobbies or something like that..! XD

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