National Geographic magazine app

  The National Geographic magazine app is my favourite app for the iPad. I am huge fan of Nat Geo and I subscribed to their magazine for several years way back when I was young. This time, the app allows your to read the Nat Geo magazine all at the comfort of your iPad. It... Continue Reading →

Writing is therapeutic

It helps me to keep me sane, in times like this. Especially when I need to gather my thoughts, pick up the pieces where I have left off, and chart my course into the future. A better future. Hopefully. It's been a week since I officially ORD. I have been doing well, so far. Nothing... Continue Reading →

Officially ORD

I collected my pink IC on Friday. I have officially ORDed. Although the exact date falls on a Sunday (14 July), I got the chance to do the necessary paperwork to declare the end of my National Service, a total of two years. The collection of my pink IC signified that I am no longer... Continue Reading →

Migrated all my blog posts

I have successfully migrated all my blog posts that I have written from various blog services to this blog. That amounts of 11 years of blog posts, or more than 800 entries. Now my entire collection of blog entries that surmounts to ¬†an account of 11 years of my life is complete and in chronological... Continue Reading →

5 more days to ORD

It's been 4 yeas in the making, and finally I get to officially say that I am ORDing. After disrupting from NS to continue my studies in NTU, I haven't gone back to serve my remaining 40 or so days of NS during that four year period on summer break. Not until I completed my... Continue Reading →

There is nothing to look forward to

Now that I have gotten the news that I won't be going to Imperial because of my scholarship application, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to in life. For the past couple of months, my mind has been nothing but the prospects of going to London, of studying in one of the... Continue Reading →

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