Pandemic, the board game

Saboteur is a great card game that can accommodate up to 10 players. Its a great and fun party game where two teams compete against each other, preventing each other from reaching their goals. Such board games and card games that can accommodate such a large group of people is hard to come by. There is only one other such game that can do that. It is none other than Werewolf:  The Ultimate Edition. In that game, each player is given a role to play and the objectives are for the werewolves to eliminate the villages one by one till they are all gone, or for the villages to correctly identify the werewolves and lynch them before the villages get killed. The Ultimate Edition can handle a whopping 68 players, which is by itself mindblowing and chaotic. I haven’t had the chance to play the game yet, but one of the cons is that killed characters can no longer take part in the game and becomes passive afterwards. Unlike saboteur, the fun part begins in identifying your friends and foes during the game and ensuring that you win the round by working together as the team. Everyone is fully engaged from the beginning till the end.

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So lately, I have been trying to find another good board game that can accommodate more than just the usual 4 players but to no avail. In the end, after a couple of weeks of research, I have decided to get my hands on Pandemic the Board Game despite being able to handle just 4 players. There are a few features that I find the game desirable.

1. Great party game, as the game is a cooperative game, in which everyone in the game tries to stop a pandemic from spreading. So cooperation, teamwork and communication is key.

2. Unpredictable dynamics in the game. The game can really rear its ugly head and you can never know the outcome of the game just by simply predicting and planning.

3. Challenging. There are several ways to lose in this game, but only 1 way to win. So it goes back to point number 1; teamwork.

4. Doesnt take long to end a game session. At most an hour to conclude with unpredictable results.

5. Difficulty level can be tweaked.

6. Rules are fairly simple to follow, and it doesn’t take long to explain the core mechanics of the game. A moderator can oversee the entire game in the initial phase, until everyone is familiar with how the basic gameplay works. Once they know, strategy will come about naturally.

I have watched reviews, the unboxing, the tutorial and a complete run through of this board game and how it’s played, and I think it will be a worthy addition to any party events in the future.

The board game also featured 2 expansion packs to increase the level of challenge, add additional levels of unpredictability and complexity and even feature a competitive element to the gameplay. They 2 expansions are Pandemic on The Brink, and Pandemic in The Lab. It is doubtful that I will get those expansions until I have mastered the game and that I am comfortable with playing it with my peers and friends. After all, I just want to get this board game to have fun with my friends. Maybe do something different while we are out chilling in cafes.

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