I have been diagnosed with shingles

Last week I went to see the doctor and I was diagnosed with shingles. The doctor gave me 10 days of medical leave, instructing me to stay away from people unless I want to spread the infection to kids who are most susceptible to the virus, which can cause chickenpox to the unvaccinated few. I... Continue Reading →

The flu wiped out my stamina

Last week I was down with the flu. It was bad. I can't remember when was the last time I was afflicted with such a terrible strain of flu. From what I recall, it usually took just a couple of days of experiencing body aches, tension headaches and the occasional fever before the whole thing... Continue Reading →

Sudden onset of illness

Last week, I feel ill of a sudden. It came without warning. One day I was feeling relatively fine, the next day, just as I was about to prepare to head to work, I felt feverish, my throat felt sore and painful, and there was general malaise throughout my body. I took panadol and dismissed... Continue Reading →

My throat hurts

This haze caused by the Sumatran forest fire that has been affecting Singapore and neighbouring country Malaysia is taking a toll on me. My throat is starting to hurt from all the ash and smoke and the small particulates in the air. This morning I woke up with a super dry and painful throat. It... Continue Reading →

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