My throat hurts


This haze caused by the Sumatran forest fire that has been affecting Singapore and neighbouring country Malaysia is taking a toll on me. My throat is starting to hurt from all the ash and smoke and the small particulates in the air. This morning I woke up with a super dry and painful throat. It is most likely due to the haze and the smokey air that I have been breathing. The PSI reached a record high two days ago. Now, as a precautionary measure I am sleeping with the air-conditioner on so that at least air in my room is partially filtered.

I need to drink more water over the next few days. Drown myself with warm green tea, full of anti-oxidants that will keep me healthy and flush out all the cancer causing particulates that has been lodged in my lungs.

Now I will be carrying my N95 masks and wearing it whenever I go outdoors. The PMI 2.5 readings is off the charts and it is in the unhealthy range. Better be safe and sorry, as this haze saga is sure going to persists for weeks, possibly until the dry season ends in september. I worry about the long term health implications of breathing such polluted air for an extended period of time. I just hope that this haze would blow in a different direction so that Singapore would largely be spared from the polluted air. I am starting to miss seeing the blue skies and tall buildings and skyscrapers off into the distance whenever I go town.

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