Getting fit

I realised that I did not write a New Year’s resolution for 2013. But nonetheless, trying to stay fit and healthy is definitely in everyone’s new year resolutions. I bought a new pair of running shoes, running shorts, and the free Runkeeper app to keep track of my running. I have started to form a habit of running at least 5km every other day and for the past week, I have not let myself down.

It was tough, especially for one who rarely goes out running or jogging. It was slow going at first. Just trying to take it easy and to see my average pace after running at least 5km. I tell myself not to stop at any point in time and just to keep on going at a constant pace to see how long it took me to cover 5km. I did this every  other day for the past week  and I have effectively shaved 3 minutes off my total timing. It may not seem much, but if I keep improving at that pace, in no time, I would easily conquer 2.4km run within the time limit to pass my IPPT.

I feel great after a run. Truly, seeing my timing improve, even if its just a few seconds better than the previous one is an accomplishment nonetheless. In one week, I feel like I have more energy during the day, (provided you have enough sleep) more alert and generally feel so much better than before I started running. I feel like I shaved a year or two off my age and feel so much for energised and youthful. It may seem like an exaggeration but I kid you not, I feel much better overall. Just one week and you can feel the difference.

Sure there is always the pain, the muscle aches, the breathlessness and the need to stop when you are so tired already. Even halfway through the mark, you have this sudden urge to stop and just walk the rest of the day, thinking that I should do this tomorrow. But no, its not easy that I assure you. From someone who hasn’t run this much in a long time, it was truly a struggle. But if you put your mind into it, just go through the motions for one week, and seeing the improvements you have made however slight, it will be all the encouragement you need to keep on going and look forward to the next session. If I can improve my timing even if its for a second, I would have done myself proud and the effort would have not been in vain. And then you feel good about yourself, and then you start all over again. This self-reinforcing mentality really keeps me going. Soon you will not need this motivation anymore. If you keep a rigorous routine, then it becomes a habit. And you will not longer have to push yourself to don that running shoes to go for a run. Everything is automatic. Running would soon be part of your schedule just like having lunch or dinner.

I love my Mizuno running shoes. It is nothing fancy, but it serves the purpose really well. I run only during the night where it’s cooler and there are less people walking along the footpaths. I can at least run and jog peacefully. And I appreciate the quietness of it all. I can focus 100% on the running, my breathing and my pacing.

I will definitely report back on my progress in the weeks to come. I hope I would be in good shape at the end of it all.

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