Difficult transition

I am undergoing a rather difficult transition. Right now, here I am doing my final year project in a lab, with little progress to be made as of late. A lot of setbacks have occurred recently and my experiments are going at a snail's pace. I don't know if i can finish my experiments and... Continue Reading →

The next chapter of my life

My time in NTU is about to end. I'm living my final days of my final semester doing my final year project. Soon I would  embark on another chapter of my life that could potentially be life changing and perhaps exciting. I have been considering my options, and one of them is to continue my... Continue Reading →

Where all the beautiful people are

I have been to nightclubs a number of times. The best moments are when you are so high, but not yet drunk till you puke on the streets, blasting your favourite music, in the sickest beats the DJ can come up with, dancing to the  groove, with your favourite group of friends. Those were the... Continue Reading →

Finding the correct moment to blog

The correct moment to blog for me would be in the wee hours of the morning, when everything is quiet. Total silence. The tv is switched off. The doors to my room is closed, no one on the streets and you only hear the crickets chirping into the darkness of the night. The weather is... Continue Reading →

Best notebook I have ever used

Zequenz, a line of notebooks that I bought from my local bookstore. It is probably the best notebook I have ever used. It not that cheap to  begin with. Ever since I started on my Final Year Project, the things I do in my lab and the experiments I perform on a daily basis, requires... Continue Reading →

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