Running. My new form of escape?

I wrote in a previous post that I recently started taking up running as a hobby. I never liked running, but decided to discipline myself to run at least every other day. Thats about 3 times a week for about half an hour. That is the optimal daily recommended amount of exercise to keep yourself... Continue Reading →

Getting fit

I realised that I did not write a New Year's resolution for 2013. But nonetheless, trying to stay fit and healthy is definitely in everyone's new year resolutions. I bought a new pair of running shoes, running shorts, and the free Runkeeper app to keep track of my running. I have started to form a... Continue Reading →

A healthier, greener me.

As part of the new year resolutions, I propose a healthier, greener me, in which it would complement my mantra for this year: BEG BORROW STEAL. Nah seriously, its just a set of initiatives to go into overdrive saving mode for 2010.I must admit, that I havent been exercising much last year, so I already... Continue Reading →

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