Last week I successfully¬†convinced my dad to get a new TV in the living room. We were in the process of doing some spring cleaning for the upcoming Hari Raya. We were trying to tidy the living room space,¬†especially the TV console, where the wires all around were¬†beginning to be an eyesore. At the same... Continue Reading →

Best singer vs Worst singer

This is meant to be for my own amusement, but seriously, anyone with a good ear can tell which one is better (by a mile) Adele, 21 years old, with a voice of a goddess. She is so natural with a voice so powerful.       Rebecca Black, one of the worst singer I... Continue Reading →

The Prince of Persia Trailer

I have been a great fan of the Prince of Persia franchise. I started playing The Sands of Time Trilogy on the PC, all the way to the 2008's latest iteration of the game for the consoles. Each game I played was as good as the previous one and it is rare to play such... Continue Reading →

A Forklift is not a Go-Kart

A forklift is not a toy. It may seem fun to drive around, but in actual fact, you need to be qualified to drive one. And that takes some time in undergoing training and familiarizing with the controls. This guy apparently needs more training. He just bashes through one of the warehouse's storage structure, and... Continue Reading →

Slumdog Millionaire

After watching Slumdog Millionaire, i kept wondering to myself: When was the last time that i actually watched a genuinely great movie? A movie that not only entertains you, but also enriches your soul, touches your heart and had a lasting and memorable impact in the days to come. The only movie that i can... Continue Reading →

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