The world is not going to end

Not on my watch. Here are my reasons why. The Hobbit sequels due 2013 and 2014 is yet to be released. I am dying to see those. The Playstation 3 exclusive video game The Last of Us, due May 2013, is not out yet. I wanna play that game so badly. Any games developed by... Continue Reading →

Things that make me happy

Some of the things that make me happy. A cup of toffee nut latte and a plate of Ol' Glazed. Too bad Starbucks signature drink only comes once every christmas. Reading my favourite book on Kindle on a rainy day, all afternoon. Finishing an unexpectedly good book and exclaiming to yourself, "What the F*** did... Continue Reading →

2013: A year of change

2013 is just around the corner and it is time again for me to draft out new year resolutions for 2013. I haven't given much thought about it yet, but what I do no well is that 2013 is gonna be a a huge year for me. It is going to be a year of... Continue Reading →

Cherish those moments

There are moments in life where everything feels so perfect. Everything falls into place. The feeling of sheer happiness and bliss that you wish it will never end. The feeling where you feel cherished and loved by the people around you. I felt that a couple of days ago. It was one of my best... Continue Reading →

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