Studiodesk is finally here!

The Studiodesk by Bluelounge is finally here. I bought from Courts where they were selling this off for a fraction of the original cost (SGD299 from SGD999). It was a steal. All in all, it is huge, stable and pristine.

The Courts delivery man came at around 4pm this afternoon and was kind enough to help me to set it up. It was simple enough based on the instruction manual, but I prefer to let professionals do the job. Once they were done, I went about setting it up with my computer.

A few hours ago, I had to clear my old table, carry it outside to the living room and do some rewiring for the new table. It took awhile to set everything up for the new desk. I love this desk alot because of the hidden space beneath the desk where you can hide all the messy cables. The space is bigger than I thought and I was impressed that it could fit all the cables into one compartment, power sockets and extension cables included! You dont have to worry about the cabling inside because no one would want to see it in the first place.

The table is highly stable and sturdy with a good solid feel from the desktop right down to the legs. The table also added a lot of real estate compared to my old teak table. Now, I have a lot of extra space in front of me where I can put my notes, textbooks or just about anything without hampering the keyboard. The faux leather board also added an executive feel to the table.

On the downside, the white table top is prone to stains. I have to be extra careful in what stuff I put on the tabletop. I should probably find ways to cover it up with some plastic talc or something. This table is future proof. With the ability to hide messy cables, I can have all kinds of configurations and layout for future computers or notebooks without all the showing off all the messy cables. This table was promoted to use a notebook but I find using with with a desktop computer like the mac mini and a monitor just fine. There is a lot of space at the back for you to put your monitor regardless the size. Imagine getting a 27 inch iMac!

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