Day one 2 Journal + Notes

I saw the price for the new, revamped app to the ever popular Day One journaling app. Isn’t it a little too expensive?

Dayone 2

And that’s, I presume, is the price after a 50% discount sale going on right this week.

I used Day One app for a short while but I can’t really commit to myself journaling seriously on a daily basis. It takes quite a bit of effort for me to make a conscious reminder that I need to update something about my life on a near daily basis. I genuinely like what they are achieving in terms of taking day-to-day journaling to a whole new level, modernising it, digitising it. And when I heard that they would be releasing a totally new app with tons of new feature, I was quite excited for them. The app is clean, intuitive and doesn’t get anything in the way of journaling. It’s journaling plain and simple and I there are really nice features that makes writing in the app really fun and intuitive. Day One 2 Journal promises all that and many more, with support to upload more photos, multiple journals for different purposes that can be colour coded and they now even have their backend sync infrastructure, called Day One 2 Sync, which supposedly ditches the conventional third-part Dropbox and iCloud synching services to backup all your entries that delivered mix results.

I really like Day One app, but the new app is just a tad too expensive for now.


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  1. I am still a user of Day One Classic (I like maintaining a copy of my entries) – and I use a Windows PC. I recently started using a Windows app called DO Journal which works well as a PC client for Day One Classic…

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