SMRT fiasco: My two cents worth.

The past week, there have been a lot of talk regarding the numerous train breakdowns that occurred on the Circle Line as well as the North-South and East-West Line. It caused a lot of problems for commuters and have raised a lot of concerns on how SMRT have dealt with the situation. Now, I'm not... Continue Reading →

The Name of the Wind

Patrick Rothfuss novel, The Name of the Wind, is probably the book that surprises me most. This 700 page tome is a joy to read from start to finish. This is the thing about reading a novel from an author that you know little about: It may take some time to really get used to... Continue Reading →

Nook vs Kindle

   VS  I own the iPad and I love reading books on the iPad. E-books are a big thing for me especially when the iPad is around. It is the most dominant form of usage when I'm using the iPad. I mainly use the Amazon Kindle to buy and read my books. Currently I have... Continue Reading →

Started a new blog

I'm starting a new blog, called Initially the correct address was awesomecoversongs, but it was taken by somebody else, so I decided to rearrange the words a little. It doesn't sound quite right now, but since its free, I can't really complain. Essentially, this blog is just a collection of awesome cover songs that... Continue Reading →

My next mac purchase

  My mac mini is showing its age. But that doesn't mean that I am totally giving up on it. It has served me well without any problems and as best as I can, I would really like to use it for as long as possible. Right now I think its the best time to... Continue Reading →

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