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Bluelounge is one of many companies that I come across purely from the internet. They make some really innovative products, mainly geared towards Apple products. They also have some great cable management solutions.

I went to Courts Tampines the other day and I came across the Bluelounge Studiodesk. The desk offers the most complete, and effective solution to hide your messy cables from your desktop or notebook underneath the table. It has a slit, that allows the cable to pass through and connect to your notebook or computer on the desk. You can slide the desk out to access your hidden cables.


Courts was originally selling at S$999. But when I was there, they were clearing stock and selling for only S$299. I took the chance to buy for several reasons:

1. I want to revamp my room again. I am going to give up my bedroom to my dad. That room will be his study room with bookshelves and and the teakwood table that I am using currently as my computer desktop. That way, he will have his own study room on his own. That means I will give up my bed.

2. I will sleep in my study room in the near future during the revamp. To save space, I have decided to choose a sofa-bed, that would serve two purposes. A sofa during day time for guests or for me to relax during daytime and a bed for me to sleep in. I am concerned about the comfort of the bed though, since sofa-beds are not known for comfort during sleep. The Studiodesk is slightly wider than my current table and I would need all the space saving I can get. But the sofa-bed is not confirmed yet. I might resort back to a super-single back. But with that in mind, I would need think through seriously on the rearrangment of furnitures around my room.

3. I am getting a Macbook air/pro, with the intention of using that as a desktop replacement. I might want to give my current Mac mini to my dad for him to use. And he would need a monitor too. So I would give him that. For the time being, I would use my new notebook as a desktop replacement. The Studiodesk would look minimalistic.

I hope by april/may, everything would be in place.

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  1. Hi,
    Just to check.
    Which size table did you get and did Courts only sell that one size? I’ve been searching high and low for this desk in Singapore.
    You sure got a good deal for $299! When you said clearing stock, were they discontinuing the product for poor sales you think?

  2. Hi Chris,

    I got the normal 120cm long table, not the XL version of the StudioDesk. From what I know, Courts only sell the normal version. And they were selling at SGD299. My guess is that they bought that stock in, but it was originally priced SGD999 for the desk, which is too expensive. Thus in order to clear the stock, they reduced the price. I think they will no longer bring in the desk, since it wasnt popular to begin with, or not many are aware that such desk exist were sold by courts.

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