New domain, new address

I have been blogging for many years now and it wasn’t always on the WordPress platform. I can no longer remember the platform that I was using when I first started blogging. But I remember LiveJournal and Blogspot to be one of the few blogging platforms that I tried. A few years ago, I consolidated... Continue Reading →

Sold my Lenovo, Bought Macbook Pro

After using my Lenovo ThinkPad 13 for 7 months, I decided to sell it away. I came back to the Mac. When it was announced at this year's WWDC that Apple is going to refresh the entire Macbook Pro line with the new Kaby Lake processors, I just could not resist it. I put my... Continue Reading →

Where is my new year resolution?

It's often a tradition for me to come up with some new year resolutions. Whether it is in a form of bullet points or sweeping goals that I set myself to achieve during the year, at least it serves as a signpost on how I should lead my life in the year ahead. To not... Continue Reading →

Studiodesk is finally here!

The Studiodesk by Bluelounge is finally here. I bought from Courts where they were selling this off for a fraction of the original cost (SGD299 from SGD999). It was a steal. All in all, it is huge, stable and pristine. The Courts delivery man came at around 4pm this afternoon and was kind enough to... Continue Reading →

Started a new blog

I'm starting a new blog, called Initially the correct address was awesomecoversongs, but it was taken by somebody else, so I decided to rearrange the words a little. It doesn't sound quite right now, but since its free, I can't really complain. Essentially, this blog is just a collection of awesome cover songs that... Continue Reading →

New Mac mini!

Im a fan of mac products. They are expensive no doubt, but the strength in their product lies in their design, use of materials, some of which are free from toxic chemicals and environmentally harmful manufacturing processes and last but not least, reliability. I have the mac mini, and I have used it for 10 months.... Continue Reading →

Come Back to Me, By Utada Hikaru

Okay, let me just scream like a girl for a sec. AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! Its almost here! Utada Hikaru's latest album, AN ENGLISH ALBUM, due to release in March 2009. You can listen to the single from the upcoming album entitled "Come Back to Me" by clicking on the picture below! Super duper big fan of Utada... Continue Reading →

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