Worry wart

“When the realities of life crashes down on you, and the carefree days are over.

You are falling.

You need to pick up the pieces quickly, or it will be too late.”

Im a worry wart. I worry alot. Over small things even. Its really distracting me from my work and my outlook in life. Its like a sickness. Sometimes i think too much over small stuff and im so critical at myself at every single thing i do. Its like im pretending that someone is looking at me and evaluating my actions. Its very hard for me to be myself lately.

I dunno if the stress stems from the ‘work’ this past few weeks, but its as if, for a long time, im not satisfied at myself for some reason. im not satisfied at the direction of the life that im leading it towards. Alot of things happened that make me ponder on a lot of things. Suddenly i feel so restricted, so drained and i dont know why.

Gone were the days of being free, being who you are, being who you wanna be without people judging you. just being… comfortable. Perhaps this is what people call LIFE. Im losing track of my principles, my 7 habits that ive practiced previously, my mission statement in life, my goals and stuff. Im losing track of all these. Im directionless at the moment. I need to feel alive again.

2 thoughts on “Worry wart

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  1. Ack, I feel that all the time… >_<!!
    hahaha… just let loose and live free. I know i know, easier said than done…
    but anyway, well, perhaps when you learn how to let that barrier go off, you’d feel a little better? Like flipping the switch off or something…
    don’t stress out too much (or take it out on your beloved games on the PS3, eh?)

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