One Liter of Tears (Aya’s Diary)

I finally found the book that i’ve been searching for months. Deep inside the Japanese section of the Kinokuniya Bookstore at Takashimaya, I found the translated version of Aya’s Diary.

Some of you may be familiar with the hit J-Dorama, One Liter of Tears, which accounts the life of a young girl, Aya Kito who suffered from spinocerabellar ataxia, a degenerative disease of the nervous system, and how she struggles daily to live her life to fullest to the very end till she passed away. A very heartwarming, yet heartbreaking story, as she accounts how her family cope with her disease and seeing them supporting her brightest daughter till the very end.

Aya Kito also wrote a diary accounting her personal life. Her diary was published by her mother and now i had the opportunity to read it in my own native language. Truly, anyone who have watched the drama series, would agree with me how blessed we are where our health is concerned. Looking back, it really made us realize the fragility of life and that some people can really find hope and comfort even in the grimmest of circumstances. Her positive outlook in life despite her condition would probably be why the majority who watched the series felt deeply touched by her courage.

To those who are a true fan of the series, its highly recommended to get a copy of this book at Kinokuniya.

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  1. this sound stupid but, what city Kinokuniya bookstore is in and is it in Japan or US?

  2. Its in Singapore, Kinkuniya Bookstore at Orchard Road. They have a section selling Japanese materials, such as books and magazines.

  3. Hi! I have been trying to find this book for a very long time already. Can you please tell me what is the traslated language of this book? Is it in english? Because I only know how to read in English. And can you kindly tell me the ISBN of this book? Thanks a lot!

    By the way, I get to know this website from my friend. I asked for his help to find this book and he told me about this website, perhaps I can find some clues here.

  4. hi there. Yes its in english! the isbn is: 978-4-89684-495-5. Hope you find the book in Kino bookshop! Remember, its at takashimaya outlet, Japanese section.

  5. Hi! Ayanee is my idol because she’s very strong no matter what she have!…thanks Ayanee for your great advice! your 20 years dead but you are my big idol!

  6. thank you for this info.
    what does the level4 at the side means?
    how much is her diary anyway? (:

  7. I think level 4 would be the difficulty level of the english language. This book is for people who wish to improve their reading of the english language.

  8. hmm…i wonder if i could find that book somewhere in canada. i’d really love to have a copy of it. perhaps it’s online somewhere? unless you searched online and couldn’t find it either =(

  9. do you know if there is 1 liter of tears books at united states plus translation because i really want to get that book.

  10. you can purchase the book online on amazon jp. however, you’ll have to create an account even though you already have an account on any other amazon site. everything’s in japanese though, you can go to this website to guide you through if you don’t know how to read in japanese:

  11. is ridiculously expensive. The book is 1200 yen, but s/h costs are 3000 yen. I bought a copy off the Kinokuniya website for $16.80 +tax and shipping from the Costa Mesa store. It was $5 shipping or I could have waited for the SF Japantown store to order it but didn’t feel like waiting 2 weeks plus the trip down there.

  12. Bought mine from Kinokuniya (Liang Court branch) Singapore, taka branch was out of stock. Cost nearly double the orginal price (SGD 28.70) but think it’s well worth it. ISBN no. proved to be very useful cause all the bookshelves are in Japaneses.

  13. I’ve just wanted to go to Kinokuniya Singapore,but i can’t go there.
    So my mom’s friend will buy it for me.But,the problem is that she(my mum’s friend) can’t speak.But she can speak Chinese very well.So:
    If she want to go there,so she musts to go to Japanese section inside the Kinokuniya(Kinokuniya in Orchad Road in Takashimaya).And then i think she’ll ask to the information there for the book.What is the title of the book actually?I had searched “1 Liter Of Tears” in the bookweb Kinokuniya Singapore,but there are no results.

  14. Can you please scan it onto this website
    ive been wanting to read the book but i live in new york and i cant find it anywheree

  15. Could you, if possible, give me a copy of it?
    I’ve been wanting to read a good translated book of Aya’s diary.
    It’s the only book I’ve been looking for, for almost 3 years now. lol I know its kinda weird but I really want to read it >.<

  16. sad with aya..but she so struggle in her life..i hope i can be like her

  17. I really really want to buy this book (english translated version) but everywhere i look online i can’t find it. can you please help me find it. It is really really important to me, i don’t know why… but it really really is.

    ~~~Thank you so much


  18. Do you know where to find a copy of this book that you have like off the internet or somewhere in the United States? Where did you get your copy? Thank you so much

  19. 1 litre of tear is really sad I don’t know why such a terrible disease could occur to a girl aged 15. In the drama of it, it showed a boy aged 10 who had that disease. Is there a cure or reason for it nowadays?

  20. hi there, I suppose the translated version one is already sold all over the countries in kinokuniya if there is one in your city since i have already found one in Sydney Kinokuniya. btw, i just bought it 3 days ago :p

    #Hinamori Amu
    theres no any possible cure found yet until they are able to find the chromosomes or genes or whatever it is which causes the disease and replace them with the healthy one though it is actually against the human moral. well i dont care anyway about the law or blablabla. they sooner or later must find the cure for this anyhow

  21. Hi do you know if they still have anymore that are in english like the one u have? b/c i really want one but i can’t find any here….in where i live….

  22. Im sure they have more copies of the book. I would highly suggest that you contact kinokuniya to direct you to their japanese branch and request for the availability of the book.

  23. OH icic.. but where can i contact the Kinokuniya Bookstore to request for the book?….. sorry for troubling u…..

  24. Hi, I myself am searching for the book, by any chance would you happen to know of another way of buying it? Maybe through online??

  25. Hi, i’ve read allllllllllll comments and im wondering if its possible to get the book w.o buying it online or overseas in english in australia,NSW.

  26. Man, I wish I could get a copy of this book . . but I don’t think they sell it here in Canada . . anybody know?

  27. hey … plz tell me from where u get it in english ?? i would do anything to get it plz…. :/ i keep searching it in english

  28. does anyone know if they sell it in any japanese book store?
    or is it in a specialty book store?

  29. I wanted to order this book from but my jaw totally dropped when I saw the shipping price ;-; Over ยฅ3,000 to England Dx

    If anyone does find a japanese book store, it would be a good idea to ask them whether they can order the book for you.
    There is a japanese store in Piccadilly Circus, London that specialises in selling japanese food, among other things like books…
    I went there a couple of months ago but I wasn’t looking for 1 Litre of Tears…
    Apparently, if you can’t find the book you’re looking for, they can order it for you in Japan, but I don’t know how much it’ll cost…

  30. How about ordering from me. My local bookstore has it. I can ship it to you if you want. Just drop me an email if you are really interested

  31. hi i love in melbourne australia and was wondering if i can find the book anywhere near me…China town perhaps?? they have death note so they might have this…im so desperate…but i dont want to buy it over the internet…any help?

  32. if you are in NSW u can find the book at Kinokuniya in city. It’s the one at george street. Anyway, I’m writing the english translation in my block, check it out! its for those who aint able to get the book in english version, hope its helpful ^^

  33. Hey,everyone!!

    If you want a copy of “one liter of tears” in English,please email to “”.This is a email of japanese department store in australia. This book costs about $25 ,not including shippingbut it’s really good though.
    Well,the ISBN is 9784896844955……hope you all enjoy it….if you have any problem,please feel free to contact me by email…….Arigatou gozaimasu (thank you very much)


  34. To “budie”

    I aslo live near Sydney. Wowww,your japanese are so awesome!!!!!……….sugoi desu ne.

    How long have you been learning japanese?.


  35. hey hey Jessica?… i was just wondering if you mail the book yet?… b/c u haven’t return my e-mails so ya XP

  36. i really cried when i knew this story and i cried alot when i saw it
    but i think i will never find this book here in my country (egypt)

    but i will try i really want to read it

  37. ah, you’re lucky, i really wanna havve it, too …
    mah, i did read it online, but it’s kinda special to have it i think …
    i could never buy it here, germany sucks xD …
    you should buy one and send it to me xD …

  38. waaaaa is there any place in the Philippines where i can buy that book? i already watched the series, and even though it has been 3 days since i finished it, tears still flow from my eyes when i remember the scenes or hear the soundtrack! huhuhu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  39. i’ve been searching for days in some of the bookstores here in our city yet im still not able to find that book. is there any way i can buy it? i think it’s going to be very expensive if i buy it online. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  40. This is for me, the other best memoir next to Anne Frank’s “Diary of a Young Girl.” If only they could have an international release of this book so that I can read it without going to another country to buy a copy of this.

  41. Hi, I’m emotionated when I read your entry, you have the book in English!! I want this!! But I live in Spain and isn’t posible buy it T_T

  42. *YAAAAAAAAAY* got this book today =D
    and i live in germany … so it’s possible to get it when you really want it =)
    you just have to be a little inventive =D
    first read this blog and thought: OMG I WANT IT!!
    so i called at the nearest bookstore… they could get it but in a shortened version (o.O) for 50 to 80 euro (!!!!!!!!)
    that was faaaaar to much …. so i wrote an e-mail to a german online shop for japanese stuff et voila =D
    ( won’t make publicity now but the owner seems to be really nice =) )
    i payed about 19 euro … but the book itself costs about 10-11 euro and the transport isn’t free for him either ( i don’t think he made much profit with this order … )
    so it IS possible but not that easy to get =)
    just think of other ways =)
    i’m going to read this in a while ( week-end i think) … school stuff @_@
    the tv show was very sentimental!
    so dewa mata ne!

  43. wait … you did get it ?! in germany ?! … i want it too … ;-;”

  44. Hey everyody!

    i live in germay.. and im soo crazy baout this story about aya..
    after i watchedt the drama, about her life.. i really wanted to read her diary too.. but it iisnt easy …to get it..

    im really looking after this book.. ok i dont know how much does ist kosts.. but i really want to have this book!..

    if someone can tell me where i would be very pleased.. :=*

    wish a nice day


  45. hi, i live in melbourne australia and i was wondering where i could get this book. fankss so muchh!!

  46. baktฤฑmda hiรง tรผrk yorumu yok ama film รงok gรผzel teลŸekkรผrler

  47. I really want a copy of this book but is there anyway to get it in the US?
    I would order i order from just about anyone
    haha thanks alot if you have any info then e-mail me

  48. i would be very happy if someone could help me out..

    im still hopeless—

    between … @ ayseemine: ๐Ÿ˜‰ turk var sadece dogru dรผrรผz bakmasisin

  49. Hi mdjasrie
    pls scan the book and put it on the net (rapidshare,mediafire or depositefile) that we can read it

  50. Hey Chattomo
    I’m also from Germany but I did’t find a online shop wich is selling the book-.-
    can you please give me the address of the online shop where you bought the book??
    I want to have this book!!

    I`m loooking forward to hear from you soon;)

  51. Hi!
    I would love to have this book in English.
    I live in england and I’m afraid to ask my mum to order of the amazon japan site as its in japanese and anything could happen.
    Is there a bookstore online in english where u can order it?
    Please help!
    Arigato Gozaimasu!

  52. omg thank you so much for the information *_*
    i was searching this book for ages >__.<

    thx ๐Ÿ˜€
    and sry for the several mistakes in this text

  53. hi.. I love ichi ritoru no namida so much! ahhmm.. I was just wondering if this book has a copy of english version here in philippines? I badly need one. I am a 12-year-old girl, and I am going to be in high school this june, I am writing some poems too, and stories, I’m working for our newspaper when I was in grade school. I was amazed by Kito Aya, the way she writes on her diary, the way she uses our nature, our mother earth. So I started writing some stories the way she sees things, she’s really my inspiration..

    So, with all your help minna-san, I really need to have her copy. I was hoping to study more and be inspired while reading her works. I really love reading books, so please tell me where I can buy her english version of books here in Philippines. Onegai Shimasu!

    ne minna, Zutto Ikite!
    aya-chan wa sugoi, hontou ni sugoi!
    atashi wa tsuki desu, hajimemashite minna-san,
    hajimemashite, AYA-CHAN!

    truly yours,

  54. Hi,my name is Patton.I’m Thai.I’m also one of you guys struggling to find the book.But luckily,I found the book.It doesn’t take very long to find.I think it doesn’t look very good in finding the book right now.I asked my uncle in America to find the book but he found none of them in stock.Then I mailed to one of Kinokuniya’s branch in a big department store.They said they have only 1 book remaining.The book is located in Isetan Zone.So I was lucky.But I want you guys to be lucky like me.Why don’t you try mailing them and see if they are any left.Let me know if there are any progress.

  55. how did you get the book in kinokuniya? did they deliver it to you? or did your uncle get it for you? it’s in singapore right? and you are in thailand.. how did you get it please? did you go to singapore and they reserve it for you? besides.. I don’t know how much was it.. I can’t ask my parents anymore because they bought me already a lots of books just like the twilight saga.. how much was it?

  56. please, can everyone give me a site that i can download ebook of diary of Aya kito “A liter of tears” please

  57. hi!..i wonder if there is a copy of 1 liter of tears book in the philippines?..i really want to have that book..please email me if you have any email add is u very much!

  58. hi der ๐Ÿ™‚ i would like to purchase a copy of aya’s it already available in the philippines?!I f there’s not copy yet here in the philipppines,when it will be available?!thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ just email me in my yahoomail..thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. i would like to thank budi ๐Ÿ™‚ because of you I was able to read aya’s diary on his blog ๐Ÿ™‚ but I would like to have my own one ๐Ÿ™‚ tnx again budi ๐Ÿ™‚

  60. Hi everyone! I’m from the Philippines, and I’ve been watching One Liter of Tears since it was aired on local tv here.. I just want to ask if anyone of you knows where can I buy the Diary of Aya Kito.. Is it available in National Bookstore?.. If anyone knows where can I buy the book, please email me at Thank You very much, and God bless you!

  61. Hi…I am from Philippines… can you please tell me if this diary is availbale here? I really would like to have a copy of it.. and may I Know how much its cost.. thanks…

  62. hi… i am also from the philippines…i also want to have a copy of this book.i want to read it coz i am very inspired when i watched the series.can u please email me if it is available here in the phil..btw here’s my e-mail in advance

  63. hello!i just wanna ask if there’s any available book like this here in the philippines?i really want to buy.and how much does it cost?thanks a lot.

  64. hi there…i am a a big fan of the show, it really touched my heart…i hope i can have its book. i am currently a specdialk education major student.. love you aya!!!

  65. hi there…i am a a big fan of the show, it really touched my heart…i hope i can have its book. i am currently a special education major student.. love you aya!!!

  66. i just did a search and has the english translation for like $20US

  67. Hi xD,
    I have been seaching for the book in english for months.
    Can someone send me the copy of the book?
    My email :

    – thx u very much!
    – Jenny119

  68. i’m so jealous that you were able to get an english version of this book. is there any possible way that you can upload it?

  69. aya’s story is so inspirational for me. it incourage me to pursue my life. to have a dream in life and to appreciate those things in life.

  70. ivE watchE daT hearT brokeninG seriES of ayA kitO….iT wAs reLi touching bcOz havinG sUch daT aiLmenT iS bUt a sAcrifice……..i wanT 2 haV a coPy of daT boOk..

  71. pls published the copy here in the philippines the story is related to everyperson with or without that kind of pain.. the personality of aya is strong

  72. is there a copy of aya’s diary here in the philippines? bcoz i really want to read it.. im so amaze of 1 litre of tears while im watching it and i did lot of crying it was so real.. despite of aya’s condition she try very hard to wrote on her diary even in her last breath what a very brave girl she is.. after i watch 1 litre of tears i now realize how my life is so wonderful and will treasure my every second of life and now i realize that every life in this world has an end and its up to you if you want your life memorable and unforgatten by other people.. its hard to live in this world we dont know when or where our life will end.. i hope after you read or watch 1 litre of tears i hope that you will treasure every moment doing good things, spend time with your family and friends because we dont know when we have to leave this world.. live your life to the fullest..

  73. hello ๐Ÿ˜€
    Im from the philippines. We are leaving now in July 31. Before I go to Canada, I want a copy of the book of 1 Liter of Tears and the diary of Aya. Where can I buy those books here in the Philippines? I really want it. Im touched and I related my self in the story. Me and my girlfriend are both watching it. We are always crying . Can someone say were can I buy those copies and waht is the store?


  74. hello ๐Ÿ˜€
    Im from the philippines. We are leaving now in July 31. Before I go to Canada, I want a copy of the book of 1 Liter of Tears and the diary of Aya. Where can I buy those books here in the Philippines? I really want it. Im touched and I related my self in the story. Me and my girlfriend are both watching it. We are always crying . Can someone say were can I buy those copies and waht is the store?

    this is my email add.

  75. hi..jhel hir and im from philippines..just like others who visited and dropped a comment in this accout i’ve also watched the series of one liter of tears hir in our country..upon wathching it’s trailer im already caught by the series…now, im trying so hard to surf the net to get a copy of aya’s diary..well of course,translated in english..haaay..can someone pls give me hints on how or where can i get one….PLZ.. thanks alot!!!

  76. Where do you by that book?
    Because I have been finding that for along time. Pls.

  77. hehe. me too. even the 1st time I saw the trailer, it really catched my full attention. And then a while, I told my girlfriend to watch it. hehe. even a day we didnt miss an episode ๐Ÿ˜€
    I think I try searching on “National Book Store, Fully Booked or Power Books”

  78. di ,, did anyone know where we can find a coppy of aya’a diary .. i’ve been looking at power books but they dont have it .. did anyone know? i rili want to have a copy of that ..

  79. If we’re going to the mall anytime, i’ll look for the copy of aya’s Diary and the Book of “One Liter of Tears” i’ll hunt it until its with me ๐Ÿ˜€
    I really want it. It is so INSPIRING and TOUCHING peoples lives.

  80. where can i buy this book?..and what website if i will buy online?..i want an english copy..or where in japan? that i can tell my uncle..

  81. i hope here in philippines will have a lot of copy of that book..

  82. i hope too. I want to buy that copy before we migrate to Canada so I have something to read there and while in the plane ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. san ba nabi2li ung bool nya gz2 ko bmili plz ilagay nmn d2 kng san na b2li tnx

  84. i dont know where to buy because im not yet going to the mall. but try to look on National Book Store, Power Books or Fully Booked.

    oo grbe. ang ganda. nakakarelate kc ako. ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. i dont know. maybe look for a book store that is really complete. ๐Ÿ˜€

  86. its a very wonderful story and its very inspiring . . . . how I wish it will have a replay!!!!!!

  87. hahaha! yes! I bought a dvd copy of it. and traslated in filipino.
    ๐Ÿ™‚ I have to watch it ๐Ÿ˜€

  88. Carlo where did you buy a dvd copy of one liter in tears with a tagalog version?

  89. hahaha. no, its ok. pareho lng un. ahm.,, everywhere that selling a dvds. if you are a filipino, you know where dvds are bought ;p
    hahaha. its an episode but just 1 dvd.

  90. actually, u can watch it in youtube with full episode and there’s a special part of this movie too! and it’s in english subtitles.

  91. Grabe sobrang nakakaiyak at ang ganda ng story nila di sya nakakasawang panoorin, at the same time may mapupulot kang aral, gusto kong bumili ng book nya san pwede post nyo naman please, ask na nga may niece to buy me a book from japan na ang title eh ONE LITERS OF TEARS

  92. I would like to ask too, if there is an available copy or a copy of this book in the Philippines? It is shown at GMA-7and I watch it from the start to the end of the series and I’ll admit she (AYA) inspires me a lot, every time I watched it on t.v my tears rolled down my eyes I can’t help it, I kinda relate to her, because I have an illness too, that’s why I really want to have a copy of this book. Hope that theirs someone can help or tell me if I can by this book here in the Philippines? Thanks!

  93. this story really touched my heart…. even i’m still young, i learned that not only me in this world is crying but also, many in this world struggled very much… i’m 13 years old and i learned many things in my life because of this movie and published diary of aya kito….. She’s a big part in my life because i realized many things, like in struggles, we should not give up easily and take it too pressure to our lives because it can make more troubles and trials.. Beleive in yourself always and dont loose hope… thats one of my lessons learned about aya’s diary. eventhough i didnt know her much,,, i still LOVE HER and she’s my inspiration to continue to live life and never hesitate to love other people.

  94. yes. thats true. im just 16, but i really understand that life is so beautiful. dont waste time. do it if you can do now. i can relateto the story. me and my girlfriend is crying. hehehe.
    its because im migrating and im leaving my girlfriend alone here. so sad! so we can easily relate our life to that story of Aya Kito

  95. hey guys!..magkaka 1 liter of tears book nko nyan..nag pabili ako sa tito ko na nasa japan,,check nyo sa or nd man sya available pero kung nsa japan ka available sya..chaka ng dvd 1 liter of tears..i’m only 14 but it really affects my life so much..

  96. i forgot to say $15 pla yung cost ng book and yung dvd $25…

  97. *helo der ! im fan of one litter of tears ! wer can i buy dat diary here in philippines?

    is der a store selling her dairy ?

  98. hey, do you think the book is still on sale? i really want to buy it.. but since its such a long time already, i’m not too sure if they’re still selling it..

  99. hi like to say i love your makes realize how life could be meaningful and you give us insperation to us..
    i hope i can read some of your books..
    your so brave!
    id admired you alot!!

  100. i’m so happy that i’e finally able to buy her diary!!!
    i bought it in kinokuniya, singapore.
    u can search the book. ISBN: 9784896844955

  101. dindin, u can buy at kinokuniya in singapore as i stated above..

    what you need to do is to copy down the ISBN number and let the staff there see, they will help you find the book..

    it cost about 28?? i only remember the book is less than S$30…

    NOTE: it’s in singapore dollar…

  102. hi i wachted you how you fight for your life how you are brave youre so brave i wish that youre sickness having a treatment i wish

  103. Very beautiful/touching movie. I want to know where to buy the book in US…. helpp

  104. Ummm..ive just recently been watching 1 Litre of Tears online =D. When i found out it was based on a book, i wanted to have book since then. The story of Aya-san really touched me, every single episode made me cry. Does anybody know where i can buy it here in UK?. i’m from philippines but i live here. I can buy it online but the problem is the writing is in japanese and i still cant read in japanese writing. Can someone help me? thank you.!

  105. or maybe if there isnt any shop here in UK, i can buy the book. Maybe someone could help me buy the book from singapore? cos wen i went to the site the writing isnt in english, and i cant understand wat it says.

  106. the all people can experience that like my grand mother when she was 34 she was die because of cancer!
    she said”why?”
    shes last word!
    like aya
    she said why she theres many people …

  107. hello !
    May I know where is this book found ?
    is there any stock here in Philippines ?
    i really wanted to buy !

  108. im an avid fan of one liter of tears. since i watched the drama series of kituo aya (erika sawajiri) i became inspired and become conscious of my health. by the way i live in the phillipines, is there any stock of this book.

  109. I watched the drama and i loved it. It was so sad. I really want that book is there any copies of that in the US

  110. hi im diane im fan of one litter of tears. im 11 years old her story was great if only i can see her diary in web site…… it will be possible or not..

  111. Hi there! I’ve just watched the “1 Liter of Tears” series and i really liked the optimism of Aya. I’m a medical student and learning Aya’s thoughts and struggles with her disease made me all the more determined to be a doctor someday. But I really, really hope to read the diary itself. I’m sure it would be awe inspiring…

  112. ..where can you find this book?? is there any book in national bookstore ????

  113. where i can find this book??? i love aya and haruto, that’s why i like to buy this book???is there any book in any books store in luzon, philippines??

  114. where i can find this book??? i love aya and haruto, thatโ€™s why i like to buy this book???is there any book in any books store in luzon, philippines??

  115. where i can find this book??? i love aya and haruto, thatโ€™s why i like to buy this book???is there any book in any books store in luzon, philippines??i need a reply…asap

  116. can i ask u
    is this about the story of One Litre Of Tears???
    same like the drama rite???
    whr can i buy this book??
    can email to me??

  117. i found this book FINALLY ๐Ÿ˜€
    im so happy! haha it cost a lot since i had to buy it online
    (had many failed attempts at many japanese bookstores)
    but it was totally worth it(:

    ..ok well not A LOT
    but yeah haha

  118. @ Chottomo , Esra & Meldoy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hat einer von euch das Buch?Wenn ja , kรถnnt ihr mir vllt. sagen , wo ihr es gekauft habt?

  119. Hi.. I’m just wondering if the book have been export in Philippines coz’ I’m looking forward to read it…

  120. I m going to grab this one ……
    If possible , i want to keep that drama in DVD or anything …..
    where can i get ..
    I m sitll trying to get the DVD ..

  121. hmm… is ther any chance that they might have a copy in australia? there’s kinokuniya shop at city… but i’m not sure how i can find one. i cannot find it in the website… but going to city takes long time since i’m still high school student… anyway thanks for this post… damn i want “taiyo no uta” as well… ๐Ÿ˜›

  122. Can U send me via e-mail the details of this book?
    Informations like: full author’s name, publisher, bookstore’s name, city where it’s been published first, ISBN & year of the edition.

  123. @Lyn: this book is for japanese to learn english. behind of this book, there’s a glossory of some new or difficult words. hence, level 4 means this book is the 4th level of english which contains.. 2000/4000 words.. i bought it alrd in singapore ๐Ÿ™‚

  124. hi.. i was just looking for a site to read this book. and some how came to this site. i just want to ask if anyone know that if this Kinokuniya Bookstore is in Malaysia? i really want to read this book, but couldnt find it! and if its possible can you tell me where in Malaysia or Singapore is it in? thanks! *if you can’t find it, its ok =)*

  125. i found the book on
    you can type in “1 litre of tears”
    and it should show up(: it may be a little
    costly but it’s SO worth the buy haha

    email me if you cant find it

  126. Where could I buy it? I live in Lithuania… How much would it be? I really would love to have this book…

  127. you can buy it on yesasia. you can also buy on ebay but yesasia is cheaper by a couple of $$ including shipping i think…

    good luck. ^^

  128. i just want to be thank you cause aya’s diary touches my heart and it gives me lesons aboput life im the idol of aya ikeuchi

  129. for a teenager girl she is to strong to face that miserable life but i knew she is happy in heaven now with her family but im still proud of cause she is a strong girl

  130. were can i get an enlgish version that i can get in USA phoenix arizona. Does anyone know, How? & Where?

  131. please tell where i can buy the english version of one liter of tears.,

    in a long time lookin for it i cant find it in a book store

    im a fan of aya cause she live in the fullest eventhouht se thouth she will die
    this story is a heath warming cause it shows to love and live you life to the fullest cause life was to short for her iwish that is in heaven with god

    can you update where to buy her english version book

  132. where can i buy these book here in the philippines? it is available now in philippines? reply pls..

  133. Any idea where I could get the Japanese version? English version would be good too but I am looking to improve my Japanese, haha. And please don’t tell me becaue they made me excited with their low price which turned out as ยฃ4, only to tell me that the bloody shipping would cost ยฃ30.

    So yeah, anybody know where you can get a not-so-expensive copy? Email me~
    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  134. Oh yeah, and Kinokuniya is a no-go because I’m in the UK and nothing says about shipping outside of SIngapore x_x

  135. . . . .i really want to have a copy of aya’s diary but the problem is i couldn’t go there for i am in the philippines. . . huhuhu…maybe i should read her diary na lng everyday in the internet. . . how sad!!!!

  136. hi
    I want to ask is there any way to purchase of book in english translation.
    If you know any bookstore in the US, that have it?
    Please I’ve been looking for it for a long time now..Y.Y

  137. hi im dia, from phil.
    I just want to ask if Aya’s Diary has a lot of volumes,if yes,how many volumes?
    so that I will know if I will buy volume 1 to what?….

    in tagalog

    tanong ko lang kung yung libro ba ni Aya ay maraming volumes?hanggang ilang volumes yun,bka kc pag bumili ako ng book kulang kulang volume na mabili ko.

    at email nio ko kung nakabili na kayo mga tga pilipinas.tns

    here is my email

  138. where can i buy that book!!!/???/ i’m avid fan of one liter of tears!!!. number 1…

    … please inform me pls!!!!! and if there’s english translation of that!!!! how much it cost it doesn’t matter!!!!

  139. where can i buy that BOOk!!!! i really want that and i really like aya alot!!!!i am also an avid fan of ONe liter of tears!!! so pls inform me!!!! how much it cost it doesn’t matter!!!…. and also if there’s english translation so i can understand clearly what is all about! tnx!@!!

  140. i want to read dis book damn bad..
    o.m.g…where can i buy dis book???
    hopefully malaysia hav dis book..:))

  141. Hi I dunno if at this year and moment someone still here to read this comment. Just finished aya’s story and I was really touched by it. Anyone can pls email me when can I buy a copy of her diaryPLS I live in Canada and I want the English version of the diary. Pls email me at more power to all and God Bless ๐Ÿ˜‰

  142. how many pages does the book have? i ordered the book, hoping it’s at least 200 pages for a book report

  143. I watched the movie because i’ve been hearing people talking about it, i freaking cried one gallons of tears!
    It got worst after i finished watching the drama ver. recently..may i know if Kinokuniya still sells this book? If by all means i have to go to all bookstores i just might for the sake of this book..

  144. ..i also now have her book..ive been seeking the book for almost one and a half year here in tha philippines..

  145. How much is the book? Is there alot of copies or is it limited edition?

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