Awesome: Night Cycling at ECP

With little joggers, runners, rollerbladers and cyclist using the tracks, night cycling at East Coast Park is exhilarating.Truth be told, I have never night cycled at ECP before, and doing it on a weekday slightly past midnight, its pretty exhilarating. With no one to give way to, or slow down or any other human traffic... Continue Reading →

Awesome: A Red Dahon Vitesse D7 Bike.

Finally got meself a portable bike from Dahon. East Coast Park, East Coast Park Connectors, Northern Explorer Park Connector, and Western Adventure Park Connector! Here I come!! The bike cost 899 but with other accessories added in, total price of the bike is 988. I got the red one and I'm loving it. I'm going... Continue Reading →

A Dahon Vitesse D7

I have been trying out a few foldable bikes this past 2 weeks or so. From Taiwan made ones, to Birdy, Strida, Bromptoms and so on. But I think I will settle for a Dahon Vitesse D7. Costing around SGD 899, I think this would be a good bike for me to start exploring the... Continue Reading →

Awesome: Fine dining steamboat

Usually a group of my friends would come together and have a bbq or something. But this time round, its slightly different. We had a steamboat feast instead, and not just 1 hotpot, but 3 hotpots on the same table so that everyone have ample supply of food near them. There are several advantages of... Continue Reading →

Awesome: $0.99 novels

It's a joy discovering new authors that you are a fan of all of a sudden after reading a book by him or her. It's a greater joy when the book is just $0.99 off amazon kindle website. It's a steal, a really good steal. I stumbled this book literally by accident on Amazon. As... Continue Reading →

Marina Bay walk

I was trying a new photography technique this evening and I went to Marina Bay to try it out. I took a lot of bad photos mainly I still haven't got the technique right. What I wanted to do was to do some creative 'bokeh' shots with my newly purchased 50mm f1.8 lens. But the... Continue Reading →

OS X Lion: July

The recent WWDC has lead to a major announcement of Apple's latest OS X Lion. It will be coming out in July for just USD 29. A jawdropping, hard to beat price that certainly sent some shockwaves within the Apple community and fans alike. During the press conference, it certainly had my jaw dropped when... Continue Reading →

A new lens (finally)

I love to take photos. And that would mean that I would need to buy better lens to improve on my photography skills. But they are darn bloody expensive. And without any form of financial returns to my investments which amounts to nothing more than just a harmless little hobby to keep myself entertained, I... Continue Reading →

Harry Dresden fanart

I'm a huge fan of Harry Dresden, a character envisioned by author Jim Butcher. I was browsing through what the community has done for that character in terms of fanarts and I came up with a couple of, what I think is the most accurate depiction of Harry and Thomas in those novels as I... Continue Reading →

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