It happened again.

The exams are over, yet looking back at my performance, I think it happened again; losing steam toward the end of the exam periodI really dunno how to tackle this problem. I always lose steam toward the end of the examination, unwilling to put my 100% in the final hours and of the last paper or even the second last one. Toward the end, I find it so hard to put the same amount of effort that I put in originally for the first few papers. And at the end of the day, it is I that would lose out to the rest. I hope I would perform relatively OK, given the circumstances. The last two papers were quite difficult and it was quite a bummer to end of the semester onto the start of the holidays by doing the most difficult paper I have ever attempted in NTU. It reminded me of the sense of hopelessness and sometimes despair, looking at the questions and not knowing the answers. More depressingly, they are all multiple choice questions, and with that being said, you know that the answer is in on of the options given. It is right in front of you and yet you can’t see it. My only hope is that the bell curve would do its job nicely, provided that the rest of my friends finds the paper challenging as well. But I must admit, I really didnt put 100% into that paper at all. Even the days leading up to the revision week, my heart AND mind just wasnt committed in ensuring that I would do my best of the final paper.

Ah well, at least the nightmare is over. This semester has been the craziest ever since I started in NTU. Not just about the content of the modules being taught, but somehow, all the extra distractions that really kept me on my toes in ensuring that everything works out toward the end. There were some moments of procrastinations and assignments and projects were really a hassle and a big inconvenience leading up to the end of the semester. I felt as if there were never a routine, or a standard schedule in which you could follow for all your revision and studying that needs to be done, because of all the extra assignments that needs to be completed even to the very final week before exams begin.It was simply hectic.


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