Enslaved impressions

Enslaved is the latest game to be developed and released by Ninja Theory, after their last major production Heavenly Sword. Released on October 2010, this action adventure, storyline driven game takes place 150 years in Earth's future, where much of humanity and their cities are lost and decayed due to a ravaging global war that... Continue Reading →

October broke

Several big ticket items were bought in the month of October and more coming in the days ahead. Oh im so broke.I finally decided to extend my mac mini applecare coverage for an additional 2 years. Cost: 145 bucks. It's actually far cheaper than the one offered by the official apple website, because I got... Continue Reading →

Taking the plunge

So I finally decided to take the plunge and go for subcomm in SBS. I will be the Creative Directors office and take part in events organised by SBS as a photographer and journalist. I feel that I could contribute to the club and my school, and at the same time, broaden my photography skills... Continue Reading →


21st birthdays are such a blast celebrating. Depending on who you celebrate with, it can be as quaint as having a great time at a cafe, or a wild on at butterfactory. Mine happened to be on the wild side.I have never been to butterfactory, and overall my experience was quite good. I had great... Continue Reading →

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