October broke

Several big ticket items were bought in the month of October and more coming in the days ahead. Oh im so broke.I finally decided to extend my mac mini applecare coverage for an additional 2 years. Cost: 145 bucks. It’s actually far cheaper than the one offered by the official apple website, because I got it from a dealer via ebay. I have checked his credentials and he looks legit. He is also willing to ship the box and not just the code via email, which would further ascertain his legitimacy. I should expect a code in my email soon to extend my mac mini coverage. The due date of the first year coverage is end October. Come to think of it, my mac mini is reaching its first anniversary! hooray!! And furthermore, I have not encountered any grave technical errors from the computer!! Apple rocks…

It is very pricey, especially when covering just the mac mini itself. I have every confidence that it would perform without any hardware glitches past the 1 year mark and beyond. But somehow, I decided to play safe. Don’t get me wrong, the mac mini is a super silent worker. It has served me really well. Just paying the repairs when it goes uncovered would really be pricey in the long run if something happens to it. Just look at my playstation 3. Its already coughing up YLOD (Yellow Light of Death) and dust. I have difficulty switching it on sometimes and I shudder everytime I think about the repair cost past its coverage date.

The maintenance of this blog also costs money. Since it’s hosted on a server with a domain name that I specially bought, I had to pay a yearly fee of 150 bucks just to keep it running. November is the due date and I had to make my purchase before then.  Nice timing.

It is quite expensive just maintain one, but hey, its not a monthly thing. Rather a yearly thing and 150 bucks over 12 months, aint that bad in my opinion. I just like having a unique domain address for my blog and with that in mind, that would keep me motivated to at least keep this project running for as long as possible. I have had far too many blogs and wordpresses that I have kept over the year all over the interwebz and I’m not about to create a new one just yet. This is by far the most ambitious project I have every undertaken. I remember it took me 4 days to set it all up and running and I aint gonna let that effort go down the drain just yet.

School fees. Ugh, miscellaneous fees running at around 100 bucks and its that time of the semester again to make my trip to the school’s OCBC bank and make the payment manually.

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  1. when you’re still a student it’s the best time to enjoy your life. spend your bucks, worry less, for when you graduate these opportunities are gonna be harder to come by..
    at least that’s what i think

  2. Nice one, i think you are right im some ways. Why should i worry after all right?

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