Incredible, incredible week

I had such an incredible week this week. Not only did I celebrate with birthday with my closest buddies, friends and parents, but for the first time, I got passes for this year's F1 race in Singapore! So my birthday just passed, and it was a blast! Carousel, was by far a fantastic place to... Continue Reading →

My Blogging history part 2

So what happened from 2006 to 2009? I was still blogging! I made the transition to wordpress and it was the best blogging platform for me. During that time, I was still hosting the blog under wordpress name. That blog was the longest running blog I had ever maintained. Close to 4 years, from 2006... Continue Reading →

My blogging history

This blog that I created about a year ago wasn't my first ever. I have created numerous blog while growing up. The earliest record was during my secondary school days. I am certain till today that I had an even earlier blogging website, but I failed to trace it back to the original source. So... Continue Reading →

Get it right by Brendan James

Dedicate this song to all my friends and family, especially those who have struggled so much in life and have succeeded in being at where they are now. And for those still struggling, I wish you guys all the best. This song is especially important to me to remind myself how far I have gone... Continue Reading →

Mini Studio, mini success?

So a couple of weeks ago, an inspiration hit me. I wanted to create a super low budget photography studio at home. Something where its super cheap, yet practical and at the same time, allows me to experiment on photography. I was watching some youtube videos online about how to set up a studio, when... Continue Reading →

Maher Zain

Finally got the album!Maher Zain is the latest artist that I came across. It might very well be the best Nasheed album I have ever heard. Period. Never have I heard a Nasheed album sung mainly in English and it works and sounds terrific. Maher Zain, who is a Swedish of Lebanese descent released his... Continue Reading →

To the Chilean Miners

I cannot imagine a place colder or darker than being trapped in the mines. To the 33 Chilean miners, though I may live thousands of miles away, my heart and prayers goes to every single one of you in the hopes that you will all make it out alive in the months to come. I... Continue Reading →

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