Taking the plunge

So I finally decided to take the plunge and go for subcomm in SBS. I will be the Creative Directors office and take part in events organised by SBS as a photographer and journalist. I feel that I could contribute to the club and my school, and at the same time, broaden my photography skills and writing skills. I love doing both of them. I blog and I take photographs. So there is really no reason for me to NOT join the club.

Im really humbled when im told that I was recommended by two of my friends during the interview for the position. I was pleasantly surprised that they are still short on people in the department. Surely I would be very busy, just by judging from the amount of activities the school has planned for the whole year and beyond and the multitude of new initiatives that are about to start once this semester is over. And since I was recommended by my friends, I feel that I have an obligation to deliver on the job given to me. It should be fun, stressful no doubt, but so long as I get to mingle with my friends, old and new alike, I feel that I would be part of a special family at the end of the day. I think this kind of things would make my life in NTU a much more meaningful one in the long run.

I dont stay hall, but I would love to. Even then, that would not deter me from being prepared to stay longer hours in school. I think the next step for me is to accept the fact that NTU would have to be my second home from now on, and that life in school would have to go beyond just studies that im currently experiencing now. School is not all about grades. There are many other intangible skills and stuff that are as valuable, as precious that you would not acquire when you are in the working world. My days in school as a student are number. With that being said, it doesnt mean that I have would not have the propensity to further my studies down the road, but I just feel that right now is the special time to really do what you enjoy in school beyond just studies and grades and results. It is time to explore and make as many friends as possible. Shi Ming was right to say that he loves being a student. Life is tough as a student, it is tougher out there in the working world. So who are we to judge our place as a student? We should all enjoy what we do, and do our best in whatever we are doing

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