Crunch Time.

I have this tendency to give my best in everything I do, but that is just saying and no action. Towards the end of everything, I always fall short of giving my best. The potential to do better is always there, and largely untapped. This time, im gonna make the necessary sacrifices that I usually... Continue Reading →

Devoid of distractions

The exam fever has once again arrived. Only 3 weeks left before the start of the exams and finally I can breathe easier now, the deadlines to all the major assignments are all past due. Now what's left are just the exams. 3 weeks and the exams will start. That is a very short time... Continue Reading →

The merging of blogs

I have decided to merge two blogs into one. I decided that paying another 150 bucks to sustain a blog on an external server is just isnt worth it. While i didnt say that the past year of hosting the blog to an external server was a waste of money, I did learn a lot... Continue Reading →

iPhone 4

A funny thing happened to me days before I acquire my new phone. Firstly, I never knew or was not made aware of that I was able to recontract on August. I always thought that I had another year to go through before my current contract expires. So when I actually made the effort to... Continue Reading →

Finally found the ultimate quote

I have been finding a statement that best summarizes what my stand is on friendships. I think this epitomizes the meaning that I was trying to hard to express. A brother is a friend God chose for you. A friend is a brother your heart chose for you

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