Incredible, incredible week

I had such an incredible week this week. Not only did I celebrate with birthday with my closest buddies, friends and parents, but for the first time, I got passes for this year’s F1 race in Singapore!

So my birthday just passed, and it was a blast! Carousel, was by far a fantastic place to dine. Everything is top notch. Seafood spread and desert spread were like the best I have ever seen. Really grateful for the opportunity to try out the restaurant on my birthday.

A couple of my friends bought cake for me in school on my birthday!! I really like that. Thanks a lot for taking time off to get a cake for me and it was delicious. And the birthday greetings on Facebook! So many of em, and I managed to reply to every single one of them. To those who greeted me, again, a big thank you. I feel like I could have done better, and I really don’t know how to thank all of you sufficiently.

The biggest surprise of all is the F1 passes. Never in my life I would have imagined to be granted access to the event. I got the passes free of charge. 1 was on the first day, Bay Grandstand and another was the Premier Walkabout for the second day. I went to both events and it was fantabulous. Of course my parents went too, since they got the passes as well.

Took quite a lot of photos and I must say, I love the atmosphere there. Simply electric. The loudness, the chaos when the cars are on the tracks and the programs lined up during the event. I attended the Adam Lambert performance at the Padang on the second night and it was a great concert. I managed to take some footage from the concert and its now on youtube. You can view it below.

So all I want to say, is a BIG THANK YOU to everyone and anyone that made this week an absolutely great week possible! I’m truly grateful to share the great stuff with my friends and family as well and the opportunity of a lifetime to try out something new!

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