The Survivors Club

The Survivors Club, written by Ben Sherwood, is an international bestselling book that explores the secrets and sciences that could save your life. And by the definition of "saving your life", he means the human psychology of what makes someone a survivor. Be it in an air crash, or a person who have experienced extreme... Continue Reading →


So I went for the INSTEP Talk today. It simply stands for International Student Exchange Program for NTU students. The talk was 2 hours long and it was highly insightful. The talk is mandatory for those who wish to spend a semester in an overseas university. As an exchange student, you will be studying at... Continue Reading →

Lan at Iluma

First time Lan-ing at Iluma. Overall I like the place. Big place, a little pricey though. Probably they needed the extra cost to cover the retail space in prime retail land. I like the ambience, pretty quiet, because you had to use the headphones to listen to what you are playing and use microphones to... Continue Reading →

Lie to Me

Lie to Me is an excellent tv show that I just discovered on the interwebs. Though the series started a year ago, 2 seasons have already been shown with a third one on the way. Lie to me is an excellent drama on the psychology and science behind microexpressions. This drama, follows Dr Lightman, and... Continue Reading →


I have seen people who struggle in studies, and life in general while growing up and despite their failures, they sometimes fail miserably at one thing: picking up the pieces and try again. I have also seen people who, despite the struggles, just shrugged it off, like a mere annoyance, and continue on their journey.... Continue Reading →

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