My Blogging history part 2

So what happened from 2006 to 2009? I was still blogging! I made the transition to wordpress and it was the best blogging platform for me. During that time, I was still hosting the blog under wordpress name. That blog was the longest running blog I had ever maintained. Close to 4 years, from 2006 to 2009. It chronicles my final year in poly, my NS days (which was pretty boring since it was all about my interest and never really about the outside world cause i didnt really wanna talk about it in the first place) and my first few months in NTU.

I managed to highlight some interesting entries, like this one, where I briefly described my NS life in April 2008:

Towards the end however, it get a little bit interesting. I posted an entry about the School of Biological Science Freshman Orientation Camp:

That single decision that I made, was the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life. I dunno what went through me to actually decline the offer to participate in the camp. Was it because I was still serving? Or was I afraid? I could never remember the actual motive to my decision. Looking back, I wondered just how much better life could have been had I participated in the FOC. I could have made a lot of new friends, made my transition to uni life so much easier. This was the consequence:

An excerpt:

In the last days in NS, i had to handover all my tasks and appointment to my understudy. I had to say my goodbyes to a lot of people, some of which are very good friends indeed. Ill definitely miss them alot. Ill definitely in some ways miss the life there in Jurong Camp. I  hope the best in everyone over at that camp.

And within a week, BAM! School is about to start. I need to thank Joash and Jamie for msning me on the 4 of Aug, asking me which tutorial group im in. If not for that, i would have remained clueless and missed my chance in confirming my matriculation into NTU. 4 of Aug happened to be my last day in Camp and also the last day for the online matriculation submission in the NTU’s website. It would have completely missed the boat if not for those 2. Thank you!!

On the day of the freshmen ceremony, i met a number of familiar faces. Apart from Joash, Jamie, Shiming and Chiong Jin, Lizhen paid a visit, which was nice and a few others, current senior students in NTU who were once our Juniors in NYP! I was introduced to Shiming and Jamies orientation group and i must say they are a bunch of nice people. Really nice. The ceremony was great, the feeling of being reunited with Joash, Jamie and Shiming was ecstatic. We reminisce about the past in NYP and how life in NTU is a stark reminders to the good old past, which i still treasure thank you very much. Oh how i wish Eng Pau and hock, ben, cher, and dee could be in NTU as well. Life on campus would truly be a blast! It would be like going through Poly all over again. The stress, the projects, the assignments, mugging in the library, hanging out after school.

But one week till the start of the semester is too short for me. Im not truly prepared emotionally and mentally. The new academic system is a lot to handle and i was quite overwhelmed. But i think in getting the hang of it. The choosing of electives and adding and dropping of modules was confusing at first,  but i understood the sytem somehow already. Looking at the big picture, its kinda interesting to be given the freedom to craft your own timetable based on the modules your have registered. You are completely independent now. I like the feeling, but i have some trepidations about it as well. I still dont know alot of people among the 200 strong contingent taking the same course as me. And given the flexibility of the schedule, i doubt it would be like in poly anymore, where you go through stuff as a class all the way through from the 1st year to the 4th year. It would be a greater challenge for me in this area because of the number of friends i have to make in such a short time. But im sure ill figure it out.

I had only 1 week to get ready for school after leaving NS. From the following entry above, I wasnt ready at all.

So what now? Well it has almost been 10 years since i started blogging and its great to read certain entries here and there, reminiscing on the old days. I swear, that if were to compile all the entries into a book, it would be an autobiography of me. 10 years of my life has been logged and chronicled, and I will definitely keep on doing it till I grow old. I enjoy blogging very much.

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