Lan at Iluma

First time Lan-ing at Iluma. Overall I like the place.

Big place, a little pricey though. Probably they needed the extra cost to cover the retail space in prime retail land. I like the ambience, pretty quiet, because you had to use the headphones to listen to what you are playing and use microphones to interact with your teammates rather than shouting across the room. Registration is swift and you pay by the hour IN ADVANCE rather than the other way around.

A couple of good things about the place. Nice, spacious place. Seats are leather and really big and comfy. A big plus there. The headphones are ok, and talking to the mic was awkward for me because I dont usually do that. But overall it was a great experience. Computers are great lagless and the screen is pretty big and decent. The interface windows are really sleek and to the point. Real easy to click on the game you want and just play. The thing about headphones is that the whole place is so much quieter than the other lan shops where they would really blast the speakers and when you have like 100 computers in one room, its terribly deafening. This definitely a boon for me. I never liked noisy Lan shops and you’d probably figured it out that 90 percent of the Lan shops are noisy to begin with. I don have to shout at the top of my lungs to talk to my friend next to me. I just have to use the microphone, which is pretty civilize to begin with.

I had fun with a few of my friends, i dont mind spending time playing Lan at iluma again, but the cost somewhat deters me. Im fine with the price if you are like playing for a couple of hours. Afterall its a nice place, not like some other Lan shops where it looks like its run by gang syndicates.

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