One huge Deja vu [sorta]

Recalling the moments I had with Marios during the five day Freshmen Orientation Camp, I cant help but wonder my own experiences during poly days. Days prior to the first day of school in NYP, I had undergone a similar FOC as the class of 0402. We were champion class as well and it was... Continue Reading →

Chemistry is Back!

Chemistry, one of the most popular R&B/pop duo is back with a new album. With almost a 2 year absence since the release of the last album, how do they fare now?I have loved this band for quite some time now. They have really good voices and especially in the world of Jpop where much... Continue Reading →

Endless notes

So I bought 7 or so new folders to store all my new notes for the upcoming semester, and i think its unsustainable. I have 2 waist-level shelves bought from IKEA and I feel that it is already reaching its limit. Those shelves are meant to store my notes from school neatly, since I usually... Continue Reading →

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