Exam Results!!!

So how did I fare this semester?Outstanding! This semester's results blew my expectations away! I did not expect getting 3A, much less an A+ within the 3As that I have gotten. My most optimisitic expectations were at least 2A and all Bs with not Cs at the very least, but this time, I managed to... Continue Reading →

Stones into Schools

I have been reading the second book of Greg Mortenson's, "Stones into Schools", and follows his life helping kids in the most remote reaches of Afghanistan and Pakistan by building schools and lifting the crushing poverty that has plagued this group of people living there. The more I read, the more inspiring his stories are... Continue Reading →

It's finally over

What a year! It's finally over. My exams that it. So far, looking back, I'm pretty confident that I would do better than the last semester. It was terrible I tell ya. Now I can relax and enjoy my extended holiday. I have a number of stuff that I would like to do during the... Continue Reading →

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