One of the most outrageous mtv I have ever seen in a looong time and the longest ever released in recent history. It's none other than Lady Gaga's Telephone, featuring Beyonce.Almost clocking at 10 minutes, this video plays out more like a short film. The music is interspersed throughout the video and you will see... Continue Reading →

Loving my 550D

Its been a week since I last purchased my new DSLR and I'm already loving it. I have taken a few shots here and there and tried a couple of simple techniques with it. Besides that I also started learning how to use Aperture 3, a very powerful software for photographers to organize their photographs... Continue Reading →

Canon EOS 500D

Took several months of research, finding out which camera is best for my budget, its capabilities, and all the technicalities of a DSLR that I had to learn along the way. Yes, it took that much time for me to finally decide the model that I would like to purchase very soon. Am I ready... Continue Reading →

Heavy Rain impressions

After 2 years of waiting, the game has finally been released. How does it fair after my first 6 hours of gameplay? So far so good, click to find out more of my own impressions. I played approximately 6 hours into the game, so effectively im more or less halfway through. Im loving the game... Continue Reading →

Project 365 56/365

New books to read!! Completed the Dean Koontz's tetralogy of Odd Thomas as well as the Sergei Lukyanenko's tetralogy about the Others.

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