Not now, I'm Busy

Ok I know that I have not been updating this blog for quite a long time now. But that doesn’t mean that I have completely abandoned the project. Ever since I got my new DSLR, I have been busy setting up my other photoblog. And my new toy, I am obsessed with it. Again, timing isn’t right. With my new toy and then comes the exams. So I have been pretty busy with school, my new hobby and the fact that nothing new or overly drastictly has happened to me yet. But fret not. My big long summer holiday is looming and as always I have drafted out the things that I would like to do during the holidays and I will definitely posted it up here and see my progress as we go along.

I have lots of books to read, lots of shows to watch, lots of stuff I wanna try out and best of all, the long anticipated vacation with my family to Turkey is happening soon. With my DSLR and a big holiday, nothing could be sweeter. I will definitely post my experiences up here as well as my photos of my trip, both here and the photoblog.

I would definitely talk about the books, shows etc things I would be doing. So just hold on a little longer alright?

Exam is such a pain in the ass, and while I’m trying to study, in my heart I just can’t wait to get this over and done with. Seriously.

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