Canon EOS 500D

Took several months of research, finding out which camera is best for my budget, its capabilities, and all the technicalities of a DSLR that I had to learn along the way. Yes, it took that much time for me to finally decide the model that I would like to purchase very soon. Am I ready for it?The Canon EOS 500D was announced and released in the beginning of last year. And now the price has dropped to a level where I can safely say that it is within my budget. To be frank, it is still a teeny weeny bit over, but in due time soon, im sure the price will drop further. With the announcement of the latest model, the 550D that came out a few weeks ago, no doubt a price drop is imminent.

It’s an entry level DSLR and I think it has all the capabilities a budding photographer would need and then some. I’m still learning (theory) about all the weird technical terms in the world of photography, but so far, I have learned alot and im pretty ready to get my hands on the 500D. It would be an interesting learning journey as I take my camera out on the field. You must understand that getting one of these is a huge investment and you cannot make decisions on a whim. You can’t just buy and use it only once. Might as well get a PnS camera. Nonetheless, I hope that I would be able to purchase the 500D before my big trip to Turkey. I plan to take lots of photos and use that place as a training ground.

Im interested in taking landscape, portrait and still life shots. It’s gonna be fun going around snapping photos and it would be a good excuse to go out often, out of my comfort zones, going to events and exhibitions (where photography is allowed that is) and snap away, learning as you go. The best thing i learned about photography: Is that you never know that the one shot you took moments ago could be a really got photography. It could just be that winning shot. Composition, lighting, angle and exposure, all right at the right moment. That’s the fun and incredible thing with DSLRs.

There are so many types lenses out there and some are just darn drooling awesome! But the ridiculous price is stunner! I don’t think I could be able to afford even the average lense out there should broaden my scope of photography. I could get a second hand but then again, wait and see. If photography is my thing, I might continue to invest in it.

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