It's finally over

What a year! It's finally over. My exams that it. So far, looking back, I'm pretty confident that I would do better than the last semester. It was terrible I tell ya. Now I can relax and enjoy my extended holiday. I have a number of stuff that I would like to do during the... Continue Reading →

Canon EOS 500D

Took several months of research, finding out which camera is best for my budget, its capabilities, and all the technicalities of a DSLR that I had to learn along the way. Yes, it took that much time for me to finally decide the model that I would like to purchase very soon. Am I ready... Continue Reading →

Last entry of 2008

This would officially be my last entry for the year 2008. What a year it has been. After finishing BMT in end december of 2007, posted as a Transport Supervisor, undergoing the course till May and to a unit from then on.  Im looking forward to 2009. I believe alot of interesting things will happen... Continue Reading →

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