Project 365 no more and the new canon 550D

Had a blast during the IT show. It has been a while since I last went to one of these events. (3 IT shows ago I think) So what exactly did I buy anyway?

Well it’s none other than the new Canon EOS 550D!! It was beyond expectations. The freebies was good. So good that i only paid 75 dollars extra for the new model, over my planned purchase of the older 500D model. They gave me a cheapo tripod (good for a start), 2 SDHC cards 8GB each, a canon lens book a 320GB hard drive and the “5 Million Dollar Home’ Crumpler bag!. The bag was irresistible to pass on. While the 550D model was 150 dollars more expensive, I manage to make it more attractive by persuading Canon to give extra freebies. In the end they gave me a multicoated UV lens protector, and an LCD protector as well. It made the deal even sweeter by managing to sell the extra Hard Disk (which I do not need) to a friend of mine for 75 bucks. So effectively, extra goodies, at just only 75 dollars more than the 500D model and a Crumpler bag to boot. Who could ignore such an offer!

Since I got my new DSLR I’m gonna stop doing the project 365 for reasons for than one. I have created a new blog, called where I will posting my photographs taken from the 550D and hopefully you can see my journey and my progress in getting the basics of photography right before moving on to more professional looking shots. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. Alternative the link to my blog is already on the right hand panel, called ‘believe’.

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