I helped a lot of people today.

Today, while i was in Town, doing some light shopping (was suppose to study but it got ‘delayed’ due to the shopping aspect) looking for knitted sweaters or cardigans from Topman, Gap, Zara, Fred Perry (OMG farking expensive), I helped alot of people.

While at Boon Lay MRT station, waiting for the train towards Changi Airport and Pasir ris, an blond elderly lady with a heavy British Accent came up to me to ask for directions. Apparently she was enquiring on the fastest way to Bueno Vista, and I told her to take the train that goes to Changi Airport or Pasir Ris like I am at that moment. While at Orchard, another elder lady, (very tai tai) dropped a fifty cent coin on the floor. She didnt realised it and I immediately picked it up, chased after her to return her money. When she returned, I realised that her left arm was in a cast. It looked like she had some terrible fall or something and on her right arm was clutching a chic dark brown Coach handbag. Realizing that she did not have any free arms to accept the coin, I graciously inserted her 50 cent coin into one the the side pouches of her bag. She thanked me graciously, but didn’t give me any tokens of appreciation like a large wad of blue cash or a heavy ang pao. Ah too bad. Karma hit you in more ways that you can imagine.

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