Project 365 54/365

Was bored at Popular, so I began browsing at some of the O level 10 year series. Missed the good old days. Teachers would grill you till you are stressed out, doing paper after paper, year after year, till you get it right. Oh I dread the math 10 year series. Like they always say,... Continue Reading →

Project 365 53/365

Happy Birthday to... hey wait a minute! Its not any of your birthday's today! Get out of there and don't touch the cake! It's Elly's birthday today!

Project 365 52/365

The new generation kids! Though not all of em are represented here seen playing just outside the chalet. Gosh I feel old already.

Project 365 51/365

Macaroons! I actually loved it when I tried it for the very first time. I still think they are overly priced though and slightly overrated. Sure they taste great, for up to 1.80 a piece, come on... But after eating a couple more i realised that you cant really eat that much at one go,... Continue Reading →

Project 365 50/365

Sometimes when waiting for someone, especially at Ion Orchard, I like to observe from a distance what the cooks and chefs do at the food court. Luckily I didn't manage to spot any peculiarities that might ruin someone's appetite.

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